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Simple and Sweet - DIY Valentines Day Sour Cream Treat Container

Simple & Sweet

out this SUPER-DUPER-EASY treat container! Make these fun and sassy
treat containers with fun and funky paper and embellish them to your

A perfect a quick valentine project- so easy even the kids can make them!

I am sorry but I did not get to take step-by-step pictures for directions...
but I DID find this perfect 2 minute video that shows you exactly what I did!
Check it out!

treat containers are the GO-TO for parties, holidays, wedding and more!
You can use ANY style paper and embellish them on SO MANY WAYS!
The creative possibilities are endless...

I made made for Valentine's Day and filled it with ONLY the necessities, chocolate! (what else?)
did seal one and wanted to keep it as a project example but I ended up
running out of chocolate and shamelessly opening it for a chocolate fix
one night. Drag! 
Good thing they are so EASY to make!

Hope you love the idea! Happy treat container making and treat eating to you all!

What candy or treat would YOU put in your treat container?

Happy Crafting,

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