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About Craft-e-Corner

Since the beginning, our goals included fast shipping, quality customer service, and the most competitive prices in the industry. Our strong work ethic quickly earned us a Top Seller rating on eBay and we swiftly expanded our store channels and product line. While our business grew quickly, our goals have remained the same. We look forward to serving your entire scrapbook and crafting needs with fast shipping, service you can trust and competitive pricing.

Why we do what we do

In the case where a disaster occurs, after making sure all the people and pets are safe, what is usually one of the next things people want to make sure is safe? Their scrapbooks and photos! Their memories they have captured and preserved. Our goal is to help preserve the most precious thing next to people, memories of life events.

Our role in helping people preserve memories is meaningful work!


Craft-e-Corner is committed to providing high quality crafting and scrapbooking products at fair and affordable prices. Craft-e-Corner is dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, and genuine desire to help others. For each customer, we are committed to serving your needs and solving your problems so that you have the most enjoyable and convenient shopping experience possible. We take pride in our reputation as a company with integrity that you can trust.


Craft-e-Corner is committed to offering an ever expanding line of quality, family friendly, crafting and scrapbooking products. We are dedicated to develop relationships with our customers to encourage each one to become a loyal repeat website customer.


Service to others: We believe our primary purpose is to meet people’s needs. People include our customers, employees, and others in the community.
Family & Flexibility: We believe in providing a work environment that is flexible to meet family and other needs of each member of our team, while still meeting the needs of Craft-e-Corner and our customers.
Stewardship : Craft-e-Corner believes in making the world a better place. We have a charitable trust set up to for the purpose of making a financial contribution to a different charitable cause that helps others each month. Employee suggestions are used to assist in the selection of the charities we support. We also donate our products to local charities/events whenever we are able. The owner’s of Craft-e-Corner and team members personally volunteer in various community service activities as well.
Environmental Stewardship : We reuse paper, boxes and packaging materials to not only keep shipping costs as low as possible, but to also help protect the environment. We recycle any materials we do not reuse and use packaging materials made from recycled materials. We also help reduce carbon emissions because our customers do not have to drive to a store to receive their item.

About Our Team

Dean - Co-Owner: Dean is co-owner of Craft-e-Corner with his wife Carrie. After years of teaching high school Economics, it was a natural course of events to join Carrie, and their three daughters, in founding Craft-e-Corner as a family business. From the outset, a determination was made to treat employees as part of that kinship, extending flexibility for them to balance job and home life. He gets daily inspiration from watching their girls as little helpers in craft projects – which in turn encourages him to offer quality crafting materials for others. Dean will give you one of his easy smiles when describing the pride he takes in selling family friendly products that document important memories. He is busy, but when he's not working, you’ll find him playing volleyball, golf, or teaching the girls to water-ski… just about any outdoor activity, especially during our short Wisconsin summers.

Carrie - Co-Owner: Carrie co-owns Craft-e-Corner with her husband, Dean. She is a busy and attentive person who handles many of the details, and a lot of the research, that goes into making Craft-e-Corner what it is today. Carrie likes to read – although these days it’s often children’s literature – along with bowling, swimming, playing cards and entertaining. Carrie’s description for the love of scrapbooking may strike a note with many of us: “It allows me to express thoughts and emotions in ways I may not express outwardly. I can be playful, loud, mismatched, excessive and frilly. “

Kala: Customer Service
Shannon: Customer Service
Courteney: Social Media
Laura: Marketing
Annah: Marketing
Stephanie: Product Listing
Martha: Product Listing
Karl: Warehouse
Tom: Warehouse
James: Warehouse
Mary: Accounting
Cara: Inventory Administrator
Lee Ann: Technical Support

A Personal Note From Dean:

Craft-e-Corner was started in 2008 with family in mind. We started selling craft supplies out of our home, mostly Cricut Cartridges and Cricut Machines, this allowed Carrie to be able to stay at home with our first daughter. We have been blessed and fortunate to grow our business and family. We now have two warehouses, a central office, a growing team, and over 80,000 products that we ship to all corners of the globe! Carrie still works mainly from home taking care of our three girls, looking for newer and better craft products, and better ways to serve you and your family. We look forward to serving you and all your crafting needs!


Dean Duehring

President, Craft-e-Corner