5 Super Simple DIY Teacher Gift Ideas With A Cricut

5 Super Simple DIY Teacher Gift Ideas With A Cricut

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Teachers are such superheroes. Anyone that can hang out with 20 some children and actually get them to learn something is beyond phenomenal. They should really be celebrated all year but here are a few gifts I have made for teacher Christmas gifts.


  1. Teacher Door Hanger


Pizza Pan from the dollar store
Chalk Paint
Paint brush
thick rope
fake flowers
Permanent premanent vinyl
Transfer Tape
Cricut machine
Cricut tools
Standard grip mat

I started by painting the pizza pan with chalk paint. I did two coats. You can use acrylic paint, as well, but I prefer the matte look of chalk paint.

Then, I used hot glue to glue the rope around the inner edge of my pan. I was sure to have my ends at the top of the pan because they will then be covered by the flowers.

I hot glued the flowers to the top of the pan. I used the same rope to create a loop on the back of the pan so that it can be hung.

I used my Cricut to cut the name out of Permanent vinyl and used transfer tape to place it on the pan.

  1. Pencil Pouch


                Zipper Pouch
                Iron on Vinyl in pink, gray, yellow, tan, and black
                Cricut Machine
                Cricut Tools
                Standard grip mat
                Cricut Easy press Mini


I found this adorable pencil right in Design Space. I typed the name onto my canvas. I positioned it to where I wanted it over the pencil, making sure that there was yellow pencil surrounding all the letters. I used the slice tool to cut the name out of the pencil.

I measured my zipper pouch and made the pencil according to the correct size. I then cut out my iron-on vinyl (be sure to mirror your image and put shiny side of the vinyl down on the mat)

Here are all the pieces cut and weeded

I used my EasyPress Mini to heat press each piece onto the pouch.


Here is the other side of that pouch

      3. Personalized Pencil Plush


     Pencil Plush
     Glitter Iron-On Vinyl
     Easy Press
     Cricut tools
     Standard Grip Mat

                I started in Design Space with a shape of the area that I would like to place my decal. I measured the side space of the pencil and made the shape that size. I selected Text and typed my son’s teacher’s name. I selected the font I liked and sized it into the rectangle.

                I had the Cricut cut out the name from Glitter Iron-on. Always be sure to mirror when doing any iron-on vinyl. I weeded the name when it was done cutting.

                I heated the surface first with my Easy Press and then placed the vinyl name onto the plush. I placed a cloth protection over the vinyl and pressed with my Easy Press.

                This was my first time doing iron-on on such a fluffy plush before and I am so happy with how it turned out!


  1. Eraser Ornament


                Clear ornament
                Eraser tops
                Permanent vinyl
                Transfer Tape
                Cricut Machine
                Standard Grip Mat
                Cricut tools

I started by taking the top off of the ornament and filling it with the little erasers.

I found the image for my words in Design Space. I like to make a 3inch circle on my canvas to figure out how big I should make my design.

Cut it out on permanent vinyl. It was a little hard to weed because of the tiny letters and swirls but I just took my time and was able to do it.

Then I cut a piece of transfer tape the same size as my design. I placed it onto the vinyl and pealed the backing. The trick for laying the vinyl on a rounded surface is to cut slits into the sides of the transfer tape (don’t cut the vinyl though).

Then I laid it on the ornament. Starting in the middle I used my fingers to gently push the vinyl onto the ornament. When it was adhered I carefully pulled off the transfer tape.

  1. Virtual Teacher Bag


                Canvas Bag
                Iron-On Vinyl
                Cricut Machine
                Cricut tools
                Standard grip mat
                EasyPress 2

I bought this SVG from Etsy. I uploaded the file to Design Space. I sized it to my bag and cut it out. I used my EasyPress to heat press the image to the bag. Super simple but such a fun gift.


Do you have a child in school? What are you doing for their teachers for Christmas? Some of these are nice for Teacher appreciation day as well.


*Creative people don't have a mess. They have ideas lying around everywhere.


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