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7 Green Crafting Projects to Inspire you for Earth Day

7 Green Crafting Projects to Inspire you for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!  Crafting green can be so much fun.  I enjoy the challenge of making something new out of something old or something others may consider garbage.  Don’t you?


We have a lot of great projects you can try while crafting green!  Check out all the great projects with links to full tutorials, below!

1. Turn burnt out light bulbs into fun and festive Christmas ornaments.  Check out the three fun Christmas ornaments made using burnt out bulbs!

Trash to Treasure Light Bulb Ornaments
2. Save your dreams and the planet with this DIY dream catcher!  Abbey used a broken necklace to adorn this sweet dream catcher- get full directions on how to make a dream catcher.
DIY Dream Catcher


3.  These recycled tag necklaces are fun and super easy to make.  Just a few materials and you have a personalized necklace in seconds!  Can you guess what we used to make these two charms?  Find full directions on how to make the easiest gift ever using recycled materials!


Make the easiest DIY gift ever!


4.  Don’t toss those wine corks after your last sip of bubbly!  Save those corks and turn them into magnets!  See how quick you can green up your fridge with this Wine Cork Fridge Magnet Tutorial


DIY Wine Cork Magnets
5. Your favorite $5 coffee comes wrapped in a sleeve that is perfect for recycling and using in crafts.  See how to make this Love you a Latte card featuring a Starbucks Coffee sleeve!
Love you a latte recycled Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Card Tutorial


6. Bust out your favorite catalog and look for color blocks to use in crafting!  This card was created without a die cutting machine and sewn up with a sewing machine to add detail.  See the full tutorial here.


Sewn Feel Better Card


7.  Breathe new life into an old picture frame and create this back 2 school picture frame!  See how this frame looked before the re-due and find out how to make your own photo frame for your kids back to school pictures!



What is YOUR favorite way to craft green?  

Which project are you going to give a try?

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