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Easy & Inexpensive Father’s Day Gift Idea and Tutorial

Easy & Inexpensive Father’s Day Gift Idea and Tutorial

Father’s Day is coming up!  Skip the tie and make dad something special this Father’s Day.  Check out this functional, quick & easy, inexpensive gift idea that you can personalize just for him!

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What dad wouldn’t love tools for Father’s Day?  And who doesn’t love to give or receive a personalized gift?  This Father’s Day hammer is easy to make with just a few supplies and -bonus- it’s easy on the budget!
First you’ll need a hammer.  This can be any hammer- grab a used one from Goodwill or go shopping for a new one at the hardware store- just make sure you pick up a wooden handle hammer.  My hammer has seen better days, but it will work perfect for this project!


Grab some sand paper and give the hammer a good sanding.  You want to take the finish off the handle so your paint will stick.


Once you’ve sanded, grab some paint and paint on a thin layer.  Just about any brand of paint will do, in this case I used some left over house paint!  This step doesn’t need to be perfect, just one coat will do.  (This is a great step to let the kids help you with!)


Once you finish painting, let your paint dry and then give it a good sanding.  I was going for a distressed paint look.  If your dad prefers a less shabby chic look, you can certainly give the hammer another coat of paint at this point and don’t sand it (sanding between layers will give you a smoother finish).


Next I measured my hammer.  At the widest point it was about 1.5 inches and at the smallest point it was about 1 inch.  I decided to make my letters 1 inch, you may need to adjust based on the size of your hammer and your quote length.

I opened my Silhouette Studio and typed out my saying.  I decided on “Let’s build some memories!” I used my favorite “manly” font- Stamp.  You can download Stamp from for free.  (Remember when I used the Stamp font for this faux stamped washer necklace? I love a versatile font!)


TIP: To import a newly downloaded font into your Silhouette Studio, open Silhouette Studio and go to File>Import>Import To Library.  Next, find your file (mine was a tff file).  If you do not see your file where you saved it, you may need to change the file type you’re searching for to “All Files” to bring it up.  Double click on your font file and it will be added to your “My Fonts” part of your library.  You can now use the font with your projects!  Note: Use caution when downloading fonts from the internet.  You don’t want to download a virus!  I have never encountered a virus on, but use your own discretion here.

Next I cut the saying out with some Glossy Permanent Black Silhouette Vinyl.  You could use any color that you choose though!  I lined up the words to make sure they would fit:


Next use some transfer paper and add the saying to your hammer.  One final step I always do with vinyl is to heat the vinyl with an embossing gun.  This will make your vinyl melt into your surface and help it stick better.  You can skip this step, but I like the extra hold.


Other saying ideas:

You Nailed It, Dad!
Thank you for helping me build my life!
Best Dad Ever!
Dad: Est. (Child’s birth date)
#1 Dad
Let’s Make Stuff!
(Dad’s Name)’s Hammer
Happy (1st) Father’s Day!
It’s Hammer Time
Thor Has Nothing On You, Dad!

This idea can be used in so many ways beyond Father’s Day too!  New home gifts, wedding presents, graduation and more!  I have found that a new tool is always a welcomed surprise.

What are you crafting for dad?

Share what your hammer would say!


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