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How to Space Things Evenly in Silhouette Studio (Perfectly, Every Time)

How to Space Things Evenly in Silhouette Studio (Perfectly, Every Time)

Have you seen those beautiful word art projects on Pinterest that make your inner perfectionist extra happy?  The words are all evenly spaced and exactly centered and you wonder (to yourself) how they achieved such perfection?  If they’re using a Silhouette Cameo with the Silhouette Studio Software, it’s super easy!  Let’s take a look at how to perfectly align and space things using the align window!

I wanted to make a piece of word art and I knew that I wanted my words to fit in a specific amount of space and be equally spaced within that area.  You could try to space things out yourself, or you could utilize the align window!  The align window comes in super handy when you want things perfectly spaced (even more so if you’re not working with words).

For my project, I typed out all my words using a text box.  For each line, I created a new text box, which I often do with this type of project in case I want to make certain lines bigger than others.

Since I will be using the align window to get everything spaced equally, I didn’t spend much time worrying about where the lines fall on the page.

Now lets get things shaped up!  Click the align button in your tool bar.  It looks like three rectangles with a line behind them.


To turn what I had on the left into what I want on the right, I selected all the words I wanted to align.  To do this, I clicked and held my mouse button and then dragged a rectangle around all my words to select everything.  You can also click on each item you want to align while holding the shift key.


To get everything lined up like I wanted, I first clicked “Align Center” and then “Space Vertically.”

Align center will get everything to align in the middle.  Space vertically puts equal space between lines (top and bottom).  You can also align to the right or left and to the top, middle or bottom.  The other forms of alignment are handy too, depending on what you are working with.


The align window works with shapes and other things, too!  Take these hexagons for example, these would be almost impossible to line up by eye:

With these you can align them by top, middle, or bottom, but I selected top and this got them all lined up.  Next I wanted them all equally spaced so I spaced them horizontally.

This function is pretty basic, but super useful when you’re designing!

I hope you found this helpful and that it gives you some ideas on how to quickly get your ducks in a row (haha).

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