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Introducing the NEW Silhouette Curio

Introducing the NEW Silhouette Curio

Exciting news from Silhouette America!  Just last week, Silhouette America announced the release of 87 new products!  That’s the largest number of new products that they have EVER released at once!

New machines, new accessories and new media!  There are so many cool things coming- we just HAD to make a formal announcement!

Let’s talk about the brand new Silhouette Curio machine!

Silhouette Curio

The Silhouette Curio is the ultimate hobby machine.  The Curio has many innovative features including dual carriage, adjustable base and raised clearance bar!  You can now cut and draw at the same time (or load up two inks for faster sketching), use thicker materials (like wood, leather, foam and metals) and draw, etch, emboss, stipple, cut and more!  With a full 8.5″ wide workspace, you can create larger projects with the Curio!

What’s in the Box?

Silhouette Curio what's included


The Silhouette Curio comes with the Silhouette Studio Software, Basic Instruction Guide, Regular Base (8.5×6″), Embossing Mat (8.5×6″), Cutting Mat (8.5×6″), Cutting Blade, Fine Embossing Tool, Wide Embossing Tool, Power Cord, USB Cord, 1 Month FREE basic subscription to the Silhouette Design Store and 50 exclusive downloadable designs!

New Tools

You can do so much with the Curio that there are some new tools being released as well!  These tools help you unleash your creative possibilities!

new curio tools

(click on the links to purchase these tools)

Stippling Tool
Use the stippling tool to create small dot patterns for a show stopping look!  Use with foils and metals, or even on paper!

Fine Embossing/Wide Embossing
The fine embossing tool is designed to create a finer channel for a unique embossed look.  It will add subtle, yet distinct marks on your projects.

The wide embossing tool will create a wider embossed channel for a broader embossed look.

Premium Blade/Deep Cut Blade
The Premium blade lasts up to three times longer than a regular Silhouette blade under normal cutting conditions.  Get more bang for you buck with this blade!

The deep cut blade has a 2mm long blade that will cut through thicker materials.

New Curio Media

There are a lot of new types of media coming out as well!  Curio cutting mats and Curio embossing mats available in both 8.5×12″ (cutting mat/embossing mat) or 8.5×6″ (cutting mat/embossing mat) sizes.

Curio Score & Emboss Paper- Available in 5×7″ and 8.5×11″ (both sizes include 10 sheets/package).  This paper is ideal to use with the Curio’s Score & Emboss feature.

Curio Metal Etching Sheets – 5×6″ sheets- the glossy metal surface contrasts beautifully with the silvery aluminum underneath!  Use with the Silhouette Curio etching tool!

Curio Aluminum Stippling Sheets – 5×7″ sheets/6 per package.  Use these aluminum sheets to stipple any design with your Curio.  Perfect for home decor, custom jewelry, home decor and more!


Check out some of the projects that Silhouette America created using the Curio!

Silhouette Curio projects. You can emboss, cut, etch, stipple, sketch and so much more with the Silhouette Curio!


We are super excited about the Curio!  Everything is available for preorder NOW and is expected to come in soon.  See ALL new Silhouette Products

Make sure you stop by later on this week as we continue to show you all the new products coming out!  You’ll love what we have in store for you!

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