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Introducing the NEW Silhouette Mint!

Introducing the NEW Silhouette Mint!

Silhouette America just announced over 80 new products being released soon!  Wednesday we introduced you to the Silhouette Curio!  Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the new Silhouette Mint!  

The Silhouette Mint is a tiny package that packs a powerful punch! 
With this machine, you can create your very own, unique STAMPS!  Use the stamps for cards, scrapbooks, party favors, invites, gifts, planners and

What’s in the Box?

New Silhouette Mint: What's in the box?


The Silhouette Mint comes with the Mint Studio Software, Basic Instruction Guide, 15x60mm Stamp Kit, 30x30mm Stamp Kit, 4 Full Sized Ink Bottles (Black, Red, Blue and Yellow), Power Cord, USB Cord, 1 month FREE basic subscription to the Silhouette Design Store, and 50 exclusive downloadable designs.

New Inks 

With Mint, you’re not using a typical ink
pad.  You’re not using an ink pad at all!  Just drop a few of these
new Mint inks onto the super absorbent stamp sheets and you can stamp
about 50 times before you need to reink!  Inks are available in brown, ask pink, magenta,
red, yellow, green, ash blue, blue, purple and black.

The Mint is a powerful thermal printer.  Create 3D relief custom designs. 


Craft-e-Corner attended the Silhouette convention when all the new products were released and saw first hand how this machine works.  Check out this stamp example we made:


This stamp was inked up with less ink than you would use for you own projects (because it was just for a demonstration) but how neat is it to be able to have such fine details?   You can make whatever you want into a stamp! The stamp pad comes off of the block so you can use one block for multiple stamps.  Just put the lid on the pad and pop a new stamp into the block.

The stamp surface is pretty flat.  The ridges on the stamp don’t pop out as much as a traditional rubber stamp.  The drops of ink are put right on the stamp pad and you can achieve multiple colored stamps by selectively inking the pad.  If you want all one color, you can do that too.  I’ve used this stamp a few times to test it out and I couldn’t make it get the corner edge stamp like you get sometimes with a traditional stamp, which I was both surprised and happy about!  The image is crisp and, when fully inked, you can do a lot of images without having to ink your stamp up again (time saver!).

I really liked how the stamp just slides out of the block.  This will save on storage and make it easier to travel with multiple stamps.  I see great things coming with this new tool!

Check out some of these projects Silhouette America shared! 

You’ll be able to purchase Mint Stamp Sheet sets and Mint Stamp Kits.  The Mint Stamp kits include 2 labels, 1 stamp mount, 1 stamp sheet and 1 stamp base.  The Mint Stamp Sheet sets come with 4 labels, 2 stamp mounts and 2 stamp sheets.  Both sets are available in the following sizes:

-15×15 mm
-15×30 mm
-15×60 mm
-30×30 mm
-30×60 mm
-45×45 mm
-45×90 mm
The Silhouette Curio, Silhouette Mint and LOTS of other goodies are coming out soon!  Be sure to keep on checking back as we show off all the new things Silhouette just released.  We are super excited to share all the new products with you!

What are your thoughts about the new Silhouette Mint??


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