NEW Release!  Silhouette Handbook Now Available (and Review)

NEW Release! Silhouette Handbook Now Available (and Review)

Exciting news!  Silhouette has just released a brand new Silhouette Handbook!

Silhouette Handbook: Everything you need to know about creating with your Silhouette, Overview and review!

This digital book has 300 plus pages and is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your Silhouette machines.

The Silhouette Handbook is a handy guide to all things Silhouette.  This guide book does not just cover the Silhouette Cameo, it also covers the Silhouette Curio, Mint and Portrait (Cameo Mini) machines too!

Let’s take a look at the Table of Contents:


The introduction walks you though what a Silhouette is, why would you use a Silhouette, who uses the machines and more.  If you are an educator, a small business owner, a professional designer (or even a beginner), a crafter, comic book, book or movie lover and more- there is a Silhouette for you!

The Silhouette Family

With a simple diagram, you’ll figure out which Silhouette machine is right for you.  If you already have a machine, you might just discover another machine you didn’t know you needed!  The Silhouette Cameo, the Silhouette Portrait, the Silhouette Mint and the Silhouette Curio are all covered in this book.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start guide takes you through opening up your box and unpacking your Silhouette.  Next, install or update your Silhouette software, connecting the Silhouette to your computer, creating your own designs or using a design from the Silhouette Online Store,  and learning how to cut your first designs.  With written out directions on how to load the material or cutting mat into your machine, sending the design to your machine to cut, to making your first basic cut with your Silhouette, this chapter will get you started.

Silhouette Studio: Setup and Design

Next they cover the Silhouette Setup and Design.  Figure out what software version you need, then get an overview of the toolbars (Work Area Overview, Cutting/Drawing Area, Document Tabs, Keyboard Shortcuts and Panels); the navigation tabs (including Design, Store, Library and Send); keyboard shortcuts; document tools (including new document, open, save options, print, cut/copy/paste, undo and redo, select all, zoom tools); Quick Access Tool Bar (single shape, multiple shapes,  text, drawing tools, grouping/ungrouping, arranging objects, welding, offsets and compound paths, duplicate and delete); drawing tools (selection, point editing, drawing line tools, shape tools, free hand tools, text tools, erasers, knife tool), Silhouette Studio Panel Tools (Page, PixScan, Fill, Line Style, Select by Color, Trace, Image Effects, Text, Transform, Replicate, Modify, Offset, Stipple, Emboss).  Next they cover about the preferences, (General, Defaults, Display, Tools, Import, Advanced and Theme).

The Silhouette Handbook is great for beginner Cameo users, and even for advanced users!

Silhouette Studio: Store and Library

In this chapter, they talk all about the Silhouette design store.  Learn how to use the Silhouette online store to purchase premade designs.  Learn how to buy and download content, use your Silhouette Library and Cloud and see if Club Silhouette is a good fit for you.

Silhouette Studio: Sending a Project

The Send Tab is where the rubber meets the road in Silhouette Studio.  Learn what to do to make your Silhouette cut your images out, what settings to select and where to make changes in the send tab.  They cover making a basic cut and more advanced cut options, like cutting by line or fill color and cutting with multiple tools.

Silhouette Studio: Upgrades

Learn all about the Silhouette software upgrades.  Your Silhouette comes with the Basic edition, but you may wish to upgrade to Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition depending on what you use your machine for.  In this chapter, they’ll cover what each upgrade will unlock and why you may want to upgrade.

Silhouette Model Maker Software

The Silhouette Model Maker Software is a software that was created with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,  and Math) in mind.  With this software, which is separate from Silhouette Studio, you can take 2D shapes and create them into 3D projects that your Silhouette can cut.

Mint Studio

The Silhouette Mint is a stamp maker machine.  You can create your own stamps quickly and easily with the Silhouette Mint.  The Mint Studio is a separate software from Silhouette Studio and this chapter goes over how to design in Mint Studio and all about the tools within Mint Studio (Document, Drawing, Studio and Stamp tools).

Accessories and Tools

In this chapter you’ll learn all about the blades and carriage tools (black ratchet blade, blue fabric blade, premium Silhouette blade, Deep-Cut blade and the Silhouette Auto blade, pen holder, embossing tools (Curio)).  Next Silhouette covers all the tools (hook, scraper, spatula, quick pick up, roll-feeder); mats (regular cutting mat, PixScan mat, embossing mat (Curio) and Curio bases); trave and storage accessories (dust covers, totes) and other Miscellaneous things (girt cards, license keys).

Creative Materials

Did you know that Silhouette has a LOT of creative materials?  Lots of great project ideas in this chapter for lots of media:
Adhesive Cardstocks
Fabric Stabilizers
Glass Etching Cream
Heat Transfer
Mint Media
Fabric Ink Materials
Sketch Pens
Specialty Media


This chapter goes over the hand tools again (hook, scraper, spatula, Quick Pick Up Tools),  basics of Silhouette machines (adjusting the blade, loading the mat, cross cutter tool, dual carriage usage, sketch pens, USB device use.  The How-To’s are full of pictures with easy to follow steps for different materials (Heat transfer, Vinyl, etc).

Trouble Shooting

Have questions or concerns?  The trouble shooting section will help you decide if your machine is acting normal or if something is wrong.  Also it will help you work through issues regarding the cutting, cutting mat, software, library and Silhouette Cloud.


This section is a great collection of words and phrases that you’ll hear when reading the book, work with the machines or do research about crafting in general.


This section is a quick reference for all the handy keyboard short cuts.  Print this section out for easy reference anytime.


My Review:

This is quite an in depth book.  With over 300 pages, they really cover a lot of information.   This is especially useful if you are new to the Silhouette family.  You may be wondering if it’s worth it if you’ve had your machine for a while?  YES!  I learned something new and I’ve used a Cameo for over 4 years and have even written books on the same subject!  If you’re brand new to the Silhouette family, there is so much to learn and it can be really overwhelming.  This book will help you get started.  Of course, there are different learning styles, but this is a really handy guide that will get you started for sure!

When you purchase the book, you’ll get an access code (that we can email to you, so no waiting for it to come it the mail).

Once you receive your code, to access the book:

1. Open the Silhouette Studio® software (requires V4.0.623 or higher)
2. Go to the STORE tab located in the upper right-hand side of the software
3. Log in to your account
4. Once logged in, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Silhouette Design Store
5. Under the “Account Tools” section, click on “Redeem a Promotional Download Code”
6. Enter your code and click the “Apply Card” button

The Silhouette Handbook will then appear in your Silhouette Library:

Silhouette Handbook will be saved in your Silhouette Library.

You’ll need to have Silhouette Studio open to access the book and it will always stay on top of anything else you have open on your computer (which is both handy and annoying…).  There are clickable links within the document, so to get to a section in the book, you just click on the table of contents and it’ll take you right there which is helpful.

While I really like having a book in hand, one advantage of a digital book is that as it is updated, you will receive the updates without having to purchase them.  As Silhouette rolls out new features and changes the software, they’ll update the book for you.

If you have any questions about the book or need some help navigating your new machine, just contact us and we’ll be here to help!

You can pick up your book here:











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