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Watercolor Thank You Tags

Watercolor Thank You Tags

Has anyone noticed the recent trend with all things watercolor?  From watercolor pillows and shirts, to tattoos and art work- watercolor seems to be popping up everywhere!  I am in love with this trend!  There is something about the soft, fluid texture of watercolor that I can’t get enough of.

Did you know that you can achieve watercolor with special colored pencils and markers?  Gone are the days of the messy watercolor palette that you used as a kid!  Water color markers and pencils are the easy way to get the watercolor effect without the mess!  Check out this beautiful thank you tag I made this weekend:

Let me show you how easily it is to use watercolor pencils!

First gather your supplies!  I grabbed my watercolor pencils (I have the Derwent Watercolor pencils, but you can use any watercolor pencils), a cereal box to make a template and some plain craft tags.  I created a honeycomb on my Cameo and used my machine to cut a stencil out of the cereal box.  You can make your own stencil like I did, use a premade stencil, or forgo a stencil all together- it all depends on the end result you’re looking for.



I centered my stencil over my tag and then traced the pattern with the watercolor pencils.  They feel  just like regular colored pencils!  I decided to just do the outline of the hexagons to give a softer end result, but you can color the stencil in if you want a darker finished effect.

Once all the hexagons were traced, I grabbed a small, (well loved) paint brush.  I dipped the paint brush in a little bit of water, dabbed it off on a paper towel and then “painted” over the watercolor pencil.  You don’t want to use too much water here, it will make your tag crumble if it gets too wet.  Start on the outside and work your way in until the hexagon is filled in.  I found I could do several hexagons before getting more water.  Make sure to wash your brush out between colors.

I skipped a few hexagons to leave a spot to finish off the tag, I stamped “thanks” with a rubber cling stamp.

Super simple and easy- and it yields such pretty results!

I couldn’t stop at just one, so I had fun with a few other variations:

Watercolor inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!

What are your thoughts on the watercolor trend?

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