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Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Penguin Hearts Garland from Easy-to-Stitch Felt (Plus Free Pattern)

Penguin Hearts Garland from Easy-to-Stitch Felt (Plus Free Pattern)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with this cute penguin garland.  The penguins are created using easy-to-stitch felt.  Make as few or as many of these “LOVE-ly” characters as you need to accent your window, wall or door.

felt penguins



Felt sheets 9×12-inch in black and white, plus some smaller pieces for feet and hearts
(Each penguin requires ½ sheet of black felt.)
One sheet black stiffened felt
Embroidery floss
Embroidery needle and pins
Fabric marker
Small black buttons
Ribbon or cord for hanging


Print, then cut out, the patterns.  You will need to cut the following pieces to complete one penguin:

  • 2 body pieces from black felt
  • 1 tummy from white felt
  • 2 wings from stiffened black felt
  • 2 feet from orange (or another color of your choice)
  • 1 heart from color of your choice

cut out pieces


Mark the placement of the facial features using a fabric marker.  Embroider two eyes using a French knot stitch.  Stitch a simple beak and pink cheeks using a basic back stitch.

embroider face


Stitch the heart to the tummy using a back stitch.

stitch heart


Stitch the tummy to the front body piece using a back stitch.

Pin the wings and feet to the body front (refer to photo for placement).  If you plan to hand stitch the 2 body pieces together, hand stitch the wings to the body front now for reinforcement.

Pin the 2 body pieces together.  Stitch the two body pieces, leaving a 1 to 2-inch opening to insert stuffing.  Use a hand blanket stitch or machine sew.

stitch body


Lightly stuff the penguin and stitch the opening closed.

stitch opening closed


Create as many penguins as you’d like for your garland.  You can alternate the body positions and alter wing and feet placement on each penguin as desired for variety.  Or make each one identical to his neighbor.

Assemble the garland by overlapping the wings on adjacent penguins about half an inch.  Sew a small black button to the overlapped wings to join one penguin to the next.

stitch wings with button


Stitch a length of ribbon or cord to the penguins on each end of the garland for hanging.

completed penguin garland

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