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  • Rainbow Worms- - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $9.99

    Rainbow Worms-

    Be Amazing Toys

    Create slimy, gooey Rainbow worms, instantly! The moment the worm goo is added to the activator solution, Rainbow worms magically appear. You can m...

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  • Energy Stick- - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $10.49

    Energy Stick-

    Be Amazing Toys

    BE AMAZING TOYS-Energy Stick. The Energy Stick is a great toy to explore the science of electricity and circuits. Electricity is defined as the flo...

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  • Test Tube Adventures Lab In A Bag Kit- - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $23.99

    Test Tube Adventures Lab In A Bag Kit-

    Be Amazing Toys

    BE AMAZING TOYS-Test Tube Adventures Lab in a Bag. Play with touchable bubbles; make a super bouncing ball; watch ink disappear and more! This kit ...

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