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Wood Carving & Burning

  • Wood Carver Starter Kit- - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $18.35

    Wood Carver Starter Kit-

    Midwest Products

    MIDWEST-Wood Carver's Starter Kit. This fabulous kit contains everything you need to learn how to carve wood: learn how to use the different tools...

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  • Carving Knife Set-6 Pieces - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $2.99

    Carving Knife Set-6 Pieces

    Walnut Hollow

    Perfect for basic and detailed carving on multiple surfaces. Comfortable natural wood handles. Ready to use durable blades.

  • Carving Block-1.75"X1.75"X10" - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $6.99

    Carving Block-1.75"X1.75"X10"

    Walnut Hollow

    WALNUT HOLLOW-Carving Block. This solid Basswood block was kiln dried to prevent warping and cracking; and is perfect for carving; burning and bas...

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  • Cray-Pen (R) Colored Wax Electric Painting Tool- - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $19.99

    Cray-Pen (R) Colored Wax Electric Painting Tool-


    FPC-Cray Pen Colored Wax Electric Painting Tool. Perfect for artists, crafters and hobbyists! Build layers of vibrant color to achieve effects of o...

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  • Wax Pucks Set 32pc-Assorted - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $9.99

    Wax Pucks Set 32pc-Assorted


    FPC-Wax-Wax Pucks Set. This color pallet is the perfect addition to your next paper crafting project. This 11-1/4x6 inch package contains thirty-tw...

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  • Carving Knive Set 10 Pieces- - www-craft-e-corner-com
    Original price $13.47

    Carving Knive Set 10 Pieces-

    Midwest Products

    MIDWEST PRODUCTS-Carving Knife Set. This set is great to use for all carving projects! It is a complete beginner's kit that will allow you to compl...

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