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Cricut Foil Transfer Insert Cards Celebration R10, R40, and S40 Bundle

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Cricut Foil Transfer Insert Cards Celebration R10, R40, and S40 Bundle

Create meaningful greeting cards that shine in no time with Foil Transfer Insert Cards for your Cricut Joy cutting machine. Each cut will reveal the hue of the insert inside. This ingenious glue-free design allows for two-tone, depth-filled cards without the hassle or mess of glue. Add amazing shimmer and shine to your card designs with included Foil Transfer Sheets. For use with Cricut Joy. Requires Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Tool and Cricut Joy Card Mat or Cricut Card Mat 2x2 (sold separately). Purchase includes a Cricut Card and Paper Guide ebook, feature product information, tips, and project inspiration perfect for any Cricut user to help get started and beyond! Utilize your DIY abilities as you learn about card mats, cutaway cards, insert cards, stickers, foil transfer, markers, and more. (Printed copy unavailable).

R10 Cards 3.5in x 4.9in (8.9cm x 12.4cm); Inserts 3.25in x 4.6in (8.2cm x 11.7cm); Foil Transfer Sheets 3in x 4.4in (7.6cm x 11.1cm); Envelopes 3.6in x 5.1in (9.2cm x 13cm)
R40 Cards 4.75in x 6.6in (12.1cm x 16.8cm); Inserts 4.5in x 6.4in (11.4cm x 16.2cm); Foil Transfer Sheets 4.25in x 6.1 (10.8cm x 15.6cm); Envelopes 5.1in x 7.25in (13cm x 18.4cm)
S40 Cards 4.75in x 4.75in (12.1cm x 12.1cm); Inserts 4.5in x 4.5in (11.4cm x 11.4cm); Foil Transfer Sheets 4.25in x 4.25in (10.8cm x 10.8cm); Envelopes 5in x 5in (12.7cm x 12.7cm)

Bundle Includes:
1- 18 R10 Cards, 18 Inserts, 18 Foil Transfer Sheets, 18 Envelopes
1- 12 R40 Cards, 12 Inserts, 12 Foil Transfer Sheets, 12 Envelopes
1- 14 S40 Cards, 14 Inserts, 14 Foil Transfer Sheets, 14 Envelopes
1- Card and Paper Digital Guide (print copy unavailable)

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