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Cricut Insert Cards R10, R40, S40 Princess Sampler

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Cricut Insert Cards R10, R40, S40 Princess Sampler

Make meaningful greeting cards in no time with Insert Cards for your Cricut cutting machine. Create custom designs with a personal connection you can't get from cards off the rack. Every cut will reveal the complementary hue of the insert inside. The ingenious glue-free design allows for two-tone, depth-filled cards without the hassle or mess of glue. This sampler includes cards, complimentary inserts, envelopes, and a Card and Paper Digital Guide. Requires compatible Cricut Card Mat (sold separately). Available in a variety of sizes and colorways.

Bundle Includes:
1- 42 R10 Insert Cards, 42 Inserts, 42 Envelopes
1- 30 R40 Insert Cards, 30 Inserts, 30 Envelopes
1- 35 S40 Insert Cards, 35 Inserts, 35 Envelopes
1- Card and Paper Digital Guide (print copy unavailable)

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