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Cricut Maker Drive Housing with Perforation and Rotary Blade

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Cricut Maker Drive Housing with Perforation and Rotary Blade

Precision cuts in the fabric are fast and painless with Cricut Rotary Blade + Drive Housing and the Cricut Perforation blades. Useful for heavier fabrics like denim and burlap and lighter fabrics like cotton and silk, the Rotary Blade can even cut fragile materials like crepe and tissue paper. Whether you're making quilts, handbags, stuffed animals, home decor, or accessories, this is your go-to blade for most sewing projects. Ideal for tear-out booklet pages, raffle tickets, homemade journals, or for any tear-away project. Cricut Perforation blades come in three types to suit unique project needs - Basic, Dot and Stitching. For use with Cricut Maker only. Recommended: Cricut FabricGrip Machine Mat and Washable Fabric Pen with the Cricut Rotary Blade and Drive Housing. Learn everything you need to know about to get started with the Cricut Getting Started Digital Guide. This bundle includes:

1- Cricut Maker Drive Housing
1- Rotary Blade
1- Perforation Blade
1- Cricut Getting Started Digital Guide (printed copies unavailable)

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