Breast Cancer Awareness: Hand Scrub & Glass Etching DIY

Breast Cancer Awareness: Hand Scrub & Glass Etching DIY

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Oh my!  Can you believe it is October already?
October is such a busy month… is the official start of card making season, National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and even Bully Prevention Awareness Month (and I just know there are others too!)!
October is also notably Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Did you know Craft-e-Corner donates a portion of all profits from the month of October to Breast Cancer research?  It’s true!  We “Think Pink” and hope you do too!
I found a recipe for sugar hand scrub and decided it was perfect project for Breast Cancer awareness.  It was SUPER easy to make and it’s similar to Mary Kay’s Satin Hands- great for cleaning up after getting messy in the garden, kitchen or even craft room!  And – bonus!- it’s pink and smells great!


Here’s how to…

The first thing you need is to pick a jar with a lid.  Mason jars work great for this project, but I had this little glass jar laying around just waiting for this type of project!  This jar has a rubber gasket inside to keep this hand scrub sealed up when not in use- perfect!

Next I created a “HOPE” stencil using my Silhouette Cameo and a scrap piece of vinyl.  (Hey!  We just got in the BRAND NEW Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit and it would be PERFECT for this project!)  You will want to use the negative of your word, apply your stencil like so:
Smooth your stencil down and make sure there aren’t any air bubbles, you don’t want the etching cream to seep under the vinyl!  Next I applied a thick layer of etching cream.  I used a Popsicle stick, but you could use a scraper or spatula tool too, just make sure it is an even coat. I let the etching cream sit for 15 minutes.
Once your timer goes off,  scrape all the cream you can off and put it right back into your jar.  A jar of etching cream can really go a long way if you “recycle it.”  Wash your jar with regular water, peel off your stencil and then dry it off thoroughly.
To make HOPE stand out a little more, I decided to add a touch to color using alcohol inks.  I used Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink in Watermelon.  These inks come in little bottles with a fine tip on the top so I just dripped the ink right on the jar.  (Confession! I decided to add this at the very end of my project, after I had the whole jar complete.  Alcohol ink spreads realllly fast, so it almost went all over my jar while I took the photo… don’t let yours do this, once it has sat for a few seconds, wipe it off so it doesn’t go everwhere!).
I wiped the ink off with a dry paper towel.  Make sure you wipe it pretty good so you don’t leave ink all over your jar.
Now we need to make the scrub.  Fill your jar 3/4 of the way full with sugar.  Just regular white sugar from the baking isle will do.  Next squeeze in some pink Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal.  Once you have about 1/2 inch of soap on top of your sugar, stop and give it a stir.
Keep adding sugar and soap until you achieve a paste like constancy.  You don’t want it to be runny! Once you fill your jar, you’re all done!
To finish my jar off, I added a nice pink bow.  Perfect for display or gift giving!  I love that the etching is colored!


You could do so many different things with this technique!  Think of all the possibilities of ink combinations and words or designs you could etch on jars and fill with hand scrub or other bath goodies!  This would be a GREAT gift for the holiday’s or even Mother’s Day in the spring.  Best yet, it’s affordable and you can customize it however you would like!
I hope you enjoyed this project!  Stop by our website and check out all the Silhouette Starter Kits – there is a starter kit from everything from vinyl to rhinestones and several others in between!  Silhouette has done a great job putting everything you need in one little box to get started with a new hobby.  They make great gifts and BONUS, the box can be reused later for cute craft room storage!
Will you try out this hand scrub or give a shot at glass etching?  I hope I have inspired you to give it a try! I’d love to hear what you think of this project, leave me a little love and add a comment below please!
Happy crafting!


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