Stenciled Garden Stone Using Cricut Stencil Film

Stenciled Garden Stone Using Cricut Stencil Film

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completed stone

Looking for a gift for your favorite gardener or just hoping to add a personal touch to your own outdoor space? Then this painted stenciled stepping stone created with Cricut stencil film vinyl is perfect for you! With the help of Cricut's versatile stencil film and some simple painting techniques, you can transform plain stepping stones or pavers into eye-catching works of art. Whether you want to showcase intricate patterns, inspiring quotes, or vibrant designs, we'll guide you through the process, step by step, to create unique and durable stepping stones that will enhance the beauty of your garden for years to come.


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Cricut Smart Stencil 3ft with Cricut Transfer Tape 4ft and XL Scraper Tool Bundle


Select or upload your cut design in Cricut Design Space. I am using this Flowers (#M4ADFB110) design for my stepping stone that is included with Cricut Access.

flowers design

To create a stencil for each paint color that you want to use, unite all the design elements of one color and then slice them from a 11.5 inch square. My design featured 5 different colors, so I repeated this process 5 times to create 5 stencils as shown below.

Find this project here in Cricut Design Space.

cut design

Make the project, cutting each stencil from Cricut stencil film or other Cricut vinyl. Weed the vinyl.

cut stencils

Prep your concrete stepping stone or paver for stenciling by applying several background coats of clear or colored paint. This will help to seal the concrete and create a smoother surface for the application of your stencil. Allow to dry well.

prep stone

Transfer the first stencil to the prepared stone using transfer tape. (Or if your design is simple enough, you may be able to get away with applying the stencil using only your fingers.) Using a scraper tool, burnish the vinyl well to adhere it to the stone without bubbles or gaps.

apply stencil

Working outdoors on a covered surface, apply several light coats of spray paint through the stencil and allow to dry. Remove the first stencil from the stone. Then apply several light coats of clear spray and allow to dry well.

painting step 1

Repeat for each paint layer, using all the stencils you created.

painting step 2

painting step 3

painting step 4

painting step 5

Allow the stone to dry several days before exposing it to the elements in the garden.

completed stone

I hope this blog post has inspired you to add a touch of charm to your garden with a painted stenciled stepping stone using Cricut stencil film vinyl. With the help of the versatile Cricut stencil vinyl, you can effortlessly personalize your stepping stone to suit your style. Get ready to showcase your creativity and enjoy the rewarding process of crafting a unique and visually appealing addition to your outdoor space. Happy stenciling!

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