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Cricut Knife Blade and Drive Housing

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Cricut Knife Blade and Drive Housing

The Knife Blade for Cricut Maker Machine adds a new dimension and allows you to cut thicker materials such as heavy chip board, mat board, leather (up to 2 mm), bass wood and balsa wood (up to 3/32)!

The Knife Blade has Intelligent Variable Pressure. If you are cutting a thick material, the knife blade will take multiple passes. It starts with a lighter scoring pass, another heavier pass will get into middle and then, towards the end of the cutting, it will cut lightly again. This helps you get the cleanest cut possible and mimics how you would cut if you were doing it by hand. This variable pressure helps to optimize the life of the blade as well.

CRICUT'S NOTE: Knife Blade is not compatible with Cricut Design Space Mobile App.

Knife Blade functionality has not been added to the mobile app at this time. Knife Blade cuts require multiple passes, often more than ten. Depending upon the complexity of your image and the material being cut, the time needed to complete these cuts can range from minutes to hours, which would restrict the use of your mobile device for that period of time.

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