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Cricut Bright 360 Ultimate LED Table Lamp Mist - Damaged Box

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Cricut Bright 360 Ultimate LED Table Lamp Mist - Damaged Box

SCRATCH 'N DENT SALE! This item has damaged packaging and is in NEW condition. The packaging may have been opened and taped back up. We have checked that everything that makes up this item is in the package.

See your projects in a whole new light with Cricut Bright 360, the ultimate LED table lamp. Its large, broad head evenly lights up your entire workspace. With a gentle push of the hand, the lamp pivots, rotates and easily glides into the right position for every craft. Whether you're working on a delicate accent piece or searching for the perfect matching shade, you'll see colors and details with exceptional clarity.

A high 95 CRI (Color Rendering Index) means colors will appear more accurately than a traditional bulb. Use the sleek sliders to adjust brightness (up to 1500 lux) and light color temperature (warm to cool white) to cast ideal light in any space. Comfortably see every detail with less glare, hotspots, and eye strain. Cricut Bright 360 shines light your way from mid-craft to final project photos. Ideally suited for art, craftwork, as well as reading.

Cricut Bright 360 Table Lamp Dimensions: D: 8.5 in, W: 31-39 in, H: 16.5-27 in (D: 22 cm, W: 79-99 cm, H: 42-69 cm)

This item was returned and is like new condition. It is an UNUSED product. The box (inner or outer shipping) is not in perfect condition but shows some shipping damage. Packaging has been opened and the outside box will have cuts, mark, labels, and scratches.

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