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Cricut Joy Machine Beginner Bundle - Grip Mats, Tool Kit, Blade and eBook

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Cricut Joy Machine Beginner Bundle - Grip Mats, Tool Kit, Blade and eBook

Make Cricut Joy projects even easier! Starter Tool Kit includes three must-have tools. Use the Spatula to carefully lift delicate materials like paper from your cutting mat. Turn to the Weeder when you need to remove unwanted vinyl & iron-on pieces from your design. You'll use the Scraper to apply vinyl decals or clean material remnants from your mat. Perfect for all projects, large or small, including custom cards, organizational labels, and stylized decor.

Expand your DIY possibilities with the included 4.5 x 12inch Grip Mats. The StandardGrip Mat works best with medium-weight materials that require a mat. Its long-lasting adhesive secures Adhesive-Backed Deluxe Paper, Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, even materials you may have at home like heavy cardstock for cutting and writing with your Cricut Joy machine.

When you need a softer release for light-weight materials that require a mat, the included LightGrip Mat is your go-to. Use this mat for copy paper and light cardstock.

Cricut Joy Replacement Blade is designed to resist wear and breakage, this sharp blade will help you breeze through projects large and small. For the best results, be sure to replace the blade when needed. For use with Cricut Joy Blade Housing and Cricut Joy machines only.

Digital Book, Cricut Smart Materials, is an electronic format eGuide that is perfect for any Cricut Joy user. The DIY tutorials and project inspiration will prepare you to create your first project and beyond! You will learn about Cricut Joy Tools, Smart Materials, and how to utilize Design Space. The link needed to access your digital Smart Guide can be found within the mailed flyer, included in your packaged order. Paper copies are not available.

-(1) Cricut Joy StandardGrip Mat, 4.5 x 12in
-(1) Cricut Joy LightGrip Mat, 4.5 x 12in
-(1) Cricut Joy Starter Tool Set, 3pc
-(1) Cricut Joy Replacement Blade
-(1) Digital Guide, Cricut Smart Materials

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