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Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl - Permanent Purple - Damaged Package

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Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl - Permanent Purple - Damaged Package

SCRATCH 'N DENT SALE! This item has damaged packaging and is in NEW condition. The packaging may have been opened and taped back up. We have checked that everything that makes up this item is in the package.

Creating personalized projects, big or small, is a snap with Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl. This material lets you make more in less time with no need for prep work. It auto-loads without the need for a cutting mat, so it will be easy as pie to create a quick decal for your water bottle, lettering for a school project, or create a bold banner or sign. This vinyl is weather-resistant so your creations will last even in the great outdoors. From small accents around your home to big projects full of pizzazz, you can do it. For use with Cricut Joy. *Not intended for food or mouth contact Carefully follow instructions at

This product was returned and is in like new, UNUSED condition. Packaging will be opened, damaged, or in imperfect condition.

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