Cricut Mug Infusible Ink Blue Splash Bundle

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Cricut Mug Infusible Ink Blue Splash Bundle

These sheets are designed for you if you own a Cricut Mug Press. Customize mugs and more with pro-level transfers that last a lifetime. Perfect for personalization on any compatible Infusible Ink blank with a name, logo, inside joke, or favorite quote. Watch these pre-inked sheets blossom into vibrant, vivid hues when transferred using high temperatures. The end result is a seamlessly smooth transfer that is peel-proof, flake-proof, and wash-proof! Purchase includes an All About Infusible Ink ebook, which features product information, tips, and project inspiration perfect for any Cricut user to help get started and beyond! Utilize your DIY abilities as you learn about Infusible ink. (Printed copy unavailable).

Purchase Includes:
1- (2) 4.5in x 12in Cricut Cool Splashpad Transfer Sheets
1- (2) 4.5in x 12in Cricut True Blue Transfer Sheets
1- (2) 4.5in x 12in Cricut Black Transfer Sheets
1- Infusible Ink eBook (Printed copy unavailable)

Note: Sheets are light sensitive and will be damaged by contact with water. Store in a dark, dry place. Adult use only. Use in a well-ventilated area. Vapor emitted during heat transfer.

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