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Cricut Pressing Mat - Damaged Package

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Cricut Pressing Mat - Damaged Package

SCRATCH 'N DENT SALE! This item has damaged packaging and is in NEW condition. The packaging may have been opened and taped back up. We have checked that everything that makes up this item is in the package.

Protect your heat plate surface area and get amazing heat-transfer results with this essential Cricut Autopress companion. The durable cover absorbs and distributes heat across your project. A special inner liner wicks moisture for clean, dry heat. A foil membrane reflects heat and prevents moisture vapor transfer. The silicone foam insulates and protects your surface from damaging heat. Prep while you press on a second mat, as a nonslip silicone base seals the layers together and keeps your mat in place.

This product was returned and is in like new, UNUSED condition. Packaging will be opened, damaged, or in imperfect condition.

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