10 Expressions Vinyl Assorted Selection and Transfer Paper

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10 Expressions Vinyl Assorted Selection and Transfer Paper

This packages includes 10 individual 9x12 inch sheets of adhesive backed vinyl (colors may vary) and two 9x12 inch sheets of premium transfer paper. Adhesive backed vinyl can be cut with your favorite die cutting machine and can be used in a variety of projects from personalizing home decor to creating your own car decal and more. Premium transfer paper can be used over and over again and is used to transfer the vinyl from the backing sheet to your project surface. This also includes 12 vinyl designs exclusive to Craft-e-Corner! These digital SVG files come with full project tutorials and project inspiration. Finally, the digital book "Help for DIY Vinyl Projects" is great if you're new to working with vinyl. This project based guide will walk you through several different ways to use vinyl and includes beginner vinyl projects to more advanced projects. This is a must have for any vinyl user!

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