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Scrap 'N Easel Magnetic Scrapbook Grid Ergonomic Surface - SPLIT CORNER

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Scrap 'N Easel Magnetic Scrapbook Grid Ergonomic Surface - SPLIT CORNER

This is a slightly damaged Scrap'n Easel Portable Work Surface. The corners have been damaged but it is still a fully functional unit. Save money by buying this split corner Scrap'n Easel and get the same results as a brand new one!

Scrap'n Easel Portable Work Surface allows unmatched flexibility when creating projects. Work across two 12 x 12" surfaces that come with removable grid lines while using the included 16 Neodymium Magnets as well as the 12" Magnetic Ruler to hold your project in place while offering the precision you need. The Scrap'n Easel easily folds down to be portable and is also designed ergonomically to take away the aches and pains associated with leaning uncomfortably over your project. The Scrap'n Easel is proudly Made In The USA.

No Warranties Included. This unit has visible defects, including split corners. These defects were caused from improper handling by the mail carrier. The product itself is still fully functional, just a little damaged so we cannot sell it as new. A little electrical tape would easily hide these defects as they are only cosmetic.

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