Amazon Defective Product Listing Account Health Appeal Process & Reinstatement

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How to write and resolve an Amazon Seller - Account Health Appeal without multiple responses. 

Include the following

1. Root cause

You should avoid including: • Introductions • Questions • Emotive language • References to open support cases

Your root cause should be: • Clear and concise • Focused only on the facts and events that caused the violation to occur • Include relevant data points, if applicable

2. Issue resolution

Include details on how you’ve resolved the issue for your customers. Keep your explanations brief and data driven, like you did in the root cause section. When you write, you should also make it clear you’ve reviewed and understand the selling policies you’ve violated. This will help assure Amazon that the issue won’t be repeated.

3. Issue Prevention

Your steps to prevent the issue from recurring should be specific, factual, and long-term. In other words, don’t focus on what happened in the past, provide short-term or reactive solutions, or share an exhaustive list of what you’ll do in the future. Instead, use your knowledge of what went wrong to note specific solutions. If you’ve already begun acting on your POA, remember to include its start date and impact thus far.

Follow these tips related to supporting Invoice documents:

• Include documents for each product or ASIN if multiple products are under review. You can find the list of products at the bottom of your original performance notification if it’s relevant to your violation.

• Check the time frame requested for documents— especially for invoices (Must fall within 365 days of documented issue.  Must include total amount purchased to cover sales in that 365 day period).

• Invoices should show your name and address; your supplier’s name, address, and phone number; and key order details, like the issue date, invoice number, inventory quantity, and product names and ASINs.

• You shouldn’t edit your supporting documents, but you’re encouraged to highlight, bold, or circle the most relevant or important areas. You can also redact pricing information, if needed.

• Remember to check the image quality of each of your documents before attaching them. The information should be easy to read, not be cut off or cropped, and include information that matches what you’ve entered into Seller Central.

 Here are additional things you should state you have reviewed. 

  1. Buyer messages service
  2. Customer feedback monitoring
  3. Product Reviews
  4. A to Z claims
  5. Returns
  6. Customer Complain summary
  7. Voice of the Customer


7 tips

  1. Product Detail page - describe product, its functionality and compatibility
  2. Complete audits to review quality control
  3. Inspect products
  4. Verify product contain correct parts
  5. Clearly label and store defective products are kept separately.
  6. Perform an audit on remaining products are not
  7. Select appropriate packaging - ensure packaging design is suitable

Not all situations require a Plan of Action PoA


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