10 Minute Fun & Feathery New Years Project Tutorial

10 Minute Fun & Feathery New Years Project Tutorial

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With 2013 right around the corner it’s time to party…and craft!
Whether you are staying home with family or going to a huge new years bash, this fun and feathery hair piece will add a little POW to your new years!
– Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
–Feathers Of Choice
-Plastic Hair Comb
–Paper Of Choice
–Sparkle Lightz or Gem/Rhinestone
–Glitter Paper/Strips


First cut out a strip of paper (approx. 2.5in x 12in) and fold it like an accordion. Hot Glue one side on to half of the hair combs flat top surface. Then fold over and glue the other side on to create an accordion fan or half rosette shape. I used a fun black and white chevron paper for this part.


 Here is how is should look and sit when your done gluing on the paper fan.



Next, cut out thin strips from a glitter paper of choice. Cut each strip into smaller pieces about 3-4inches long. Folding the two end together, use a dab of hot glue to adhere them. I made about 6 glitter ‘loops’ for my hair piece.
Next, at the center base point of the paper ‘fan’ put a large blog of hot glue and add your glitter loops and feathers individually, spacing them out accordingly. To cover the ugly hot glue blob, add just a  little more glue and cover with a large gem or rhinestone!


I would have loved to worked a fun hairdo and taken a picture with this piece in my hair, but unfortunately I am super sick, and with puffy eyes and a red nose, I will save you the horror of seeing me right now. Even this lovely fun hair piece cannot make me look better! Even a terrible cold can’t stop me from crafting though!
Hopefully by New Years I will be better and be able to wear this fun hair comb!
You can literally make ANY color or style of hair comb you would like to match your New Years ensemble!


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