Back To School Photo Prop Project Tutorial

Back To School Photo Prop Project Tutorial

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Happy Back To School!

Kids all over the country are starting to go back to school!  Commemorate this special occasion with a fun photo prop- perfect for first day photos!
In the last year of so, photo frame props have become a huge hit for weddings, photography sessions and more. I saw this idea on Pinterest for a ‘first day of school’ frame and took the idea and altered it a bit.
Like many of my projects, it all started with an ugly thrift store find…

I found a solid wooden framed picture at my local thrift store for $5.
First I dissembled the backing and took out the glass and picture, leaving only the frame.
Next, paint the frame with 2 coats of white paint. Make sure to let it dry between coats!
After the paint is fully dry, sand down the frame in a few spots to create an older distressed look. You don’t have to do this part, but I always love the way it looks!
Next, using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out the word Back, the number 2, and the word school. I used a basic font that was already per-loaded into the software.
 I cut each letter and number out twice. Once with a thick chipboard-like material as a backing , and then a second time in the cardstock patterned paper I chose.
TIP: I used some old poster like pictures I had as my thicker backing material. You could recycle a cereal box and use that too!
To adhere the two layers together, I used a spray adhesive.
TIP: Do this in a box, or outside! Spray adhesive is an aerosol and will get everywhere and leave a sticky residue.  Also, after spraying and adhering your letters, put them in the pages of a big book to keep them flat while they dry.
To make the letters more defined against the white frame, I traced and inked the edges with a Sharpie and a Megan Elizabeth Black 1:00am Ink Edgerz.
TIP: Ink as much of your letters as possible, then use your Sharpie to track the inside of the small areas you could not reach with your Ink Edger.
Using the Silhouette Cameo and the same thick chipboard-like paper as the letters, cut out a simple star. Paint the star with two coats of Chalkboard Paint. Let it dry between coats.
TIP: Make sure to “Prep” your chalkboard star before writing on it. To do this, take a piece of chalk and hold it sideways the long way. Rub a thin coat or chalk over your entire chalkboard surface and rub it with your finger. If you do not do this, the first thing you write on the chalkboard surface with not ever erase completely and leave ghost letters on the board.
Lastly, hot glue your letters and star onto your frame. Your frame is now ready for pictures! Get your chalk out and let the fun begin! One the stay your can write the date, the grade and the name of the child going back to school.
Here is the finished frame! It turned our great except for one teeny, tiny slip of my sharpie marker. Can you find my mistake?
You all might know by now that there is always at least one mistake with every project, but I always finish and love the end result, flaws and all!
 Here is a closer look at the chalkboard star. My niece, Bella, is starting K5 this year so I wrote her name and K5, along with a stitched chalkboard border.
Here is a closer look at my little slip up. No worries though, I am only human and the frame turned out fabulous!
…and here is my nephew, Charlie, just this morning before his very first day of K3! He woke up my sister and 5:30am and was fully dressed with his backpack on ready to go! Melt my heart!
Anyways, that is the project. I had most of the supplies aside from the frame, so this project only cost me $5! If you were to buy all the supplies you might be talking closer to $10-$15. Totally worth it, and you can reuse the frame every year and keep a book of their school pictures as they grow up!
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