Craft-e-Corner How To Use Your Silhouette eBook

Craft-e-Corner How To Use Your Silhouette eBook

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Did you hear the BIG news??  We wrote a book!  Let me introduce you to “How to Use Your Silhouette, A Project Based Guide” our new digital book:


This guide is great from beginners to advanced users.  Let me share what’s all included in this awesome guide…

I’ve been working with my Silhouette Cameo for years and, if you’ve ever checked out our blog here at Craft-e-Corner, you know how much I use and love it!  I am always creating something with my Cameo and couldn’t imaging crafting without this machine.  I wanted to share my love and knowledge of this machine with you, so we’ve put it all together in a handy digital book.

Not sure if this guide is right for you?  You need this guide if:

•you are considering buying a Cameo.

•you have a Cameo and you’re scared to even take it out of the box.

•you have been learning your machine and you love great tutorials and project inspiration.

•you bought your crafty loved one a Cameo and are looking for another gift to give along with it, this is a great add on!

•you’re interested with working with vinyl (regular or heat transfer), whether you’re just getting started or are struggling to overcome vinyl problems.


Everyone can benefit from the information inside this guide, let me give you the tour:

Section 1

This section contains all the information you need to know about the Silhouette software.

Essential Silhouette Guide: Section 1.  This section tells you all about the software and what all the toolbars do.  This is a great reference list, I am going to print it and keep it by my machine so I can find what I'm looking for faster!

Did you know there are almost 80 buttons within the Silhouette Studio toolbars?  Each one of those buttons does something within the software.  I know, they can make you feel a little overwhelmed at first.  What do these pictures mean, how do I make it do this, where is the button to do that again?  If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you will love this section.  The toolbars are really great, they help you get to what you need faster and with fewer clicks, so once you get to know them, you will realize they are an ASSET to the Silhouette Studio Software.  If you have Designer Edition, those specific buttons are included too!

Section 2

This section is the real meat and potatoes of the guide!  It really gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling and it’s bound inspire you and get your creative juices going.

The Essential Silhouette Guide, Section 2: This section is full of step-by-step tutorials.  Learn how to put vinyl on a curved surface, how to personalize gifts and so much more!  Lots of photos and tips along the way too.

With full step-by-step tutorials and loaded with pictures, you’ll learn how to personalize gifts, put vinyl on a curved surface and SO much more!  If you’re not inspired by the end of this section, you might need to check your pulse.

Section 3

This section is is our need to know section.  I’ve answered our most commonly asked questions about the Cameo here, included a full list of useful tools to use with the machine and, the part I am most excited about, our VINYL CLINIC!

The Essential Silhouette Guide, Section 3: This section is full of FAQ's, tools and has the Vinyl Clinic.  The Vinyl Clinic goes over common vinyl problems.  It's great for a beginner or even someone who is more advanced.  Awesome information!

Vinyl tips and tricks, trouble shooting and more.  Walks you through common vinyl problems, what causes them, how to fix them if you're in the middle of a vinyl crisis and how to prevent it in the future.  For both regular vinyl and heat transfer.  SO HANDY!

The Vinyl Clinic covers BOTH regular adhesive backed vinyl AND heat transfer vinyl (HTV).  Discover the differences between these vinyl types and then dive on in with me to trouble shoot your vinyl problems.

Vinyl is an awesome material to work with.  You can literally vinyl just about anything, and your Cameo will be there to cut it into whatever shape you can dream up.  Vinyl can also be intimidating and frustrating to work with sometimes.  Even seasoned vinyl veterans might fun into a hiccup or two when working with vinyl.

Let me teach you about common vinyl problems: what causes them, how to fix them if you’re in the middle of a vinyl crisis and how to prevent them from happening again in the future.

You don’t even need a Cameo to get use out of this section (GASP!)

Silhouette cameo tutorial



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