Cricut Vinyl: Can It Stand Up to the Dishwasher?

Cricut Vinyl: Can It Stand Up to the Dishwasher?

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Mugs are for sure one my FAVORITE things to my make with my Cricut! They’re usually pretty easy to make, they’re great gifts and honestly, who doesn’t love mugs?! I know, I have probably 25 in my cabinet already…but I’ll never say no to more mugs (just don’t tell my husband!)

But, there’s just one thing that I haven’t been fond of with making vinyl mugs…you’re not supposed to wash them! For the longest time, everyone has always said that you have to hand wash them. Well, I don’t know about you but it just doesn’t always work well for me. I’ve forgotten a lot of times or my husband will load up the dishwasher and forget! So it got me thinking: Can you ACTUALLY wash your vinyl mugs in the dishwasher? Will the vinyl stand up to the dishwasher or will the vinyl peel off?

So…I decided to do an experiment! I decided I was going to wash my mug in the dishwasher 20 times to see how it stood up. The “Dog Mom” mug was made using Cricut’s removable  vinyl 

After twenty washes:

…well, there you have it guys! I know it’s not that thrilling of an experiment because there’s really no change to either one! The vinyl is still completely stuck!! There’s no peeling or flaking. Nothing has moved. I’m so impressed with Cricut vinyl. I thought for sure that the removable vinyl would have started peeling off quickly, but I’m seriously shocked that it still looks brand new. This makes me so excited because now I can be assured that when I make mugs – either for myself or as gifts – they are going to last them AND they will be able to put them in the dishwasher.

Tip: Make sure you let your vinyl adhere to the mug for at least 48 hours before putting it in the dishwasher! The longer, the better.

Edit: After a year of washing this mug, the vinyl is still in place! Woohoo! I definitely think it helps that these letters are more chunky — if you had a design that was very intricate and tiny, there's less vinyl to stick to the mug. Just something to consider!

And this was even just removable vinyl! I think I need to try out some permanent vinyl now!

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Hello Natalie,

I would say that possibly the heat gun could have made the vinyl a bit weaker. It depends on how hot the heat gun was. I have found that bigger pieces of vinyl work a bit better holding up when being washed. I think sealing the vinyl is a great idea!


Hi there – thanks for this article – just a question – I rubbed a plate down with alcohol then applied the vinyl – I then went over it with a heat gun and waited 48hrs – I hand washed the the smaller fonts are peeling slightly – was I wrong with the heat gun? Seems heat is actually the problem? Or should I seal with dishwasher safe modge after doing with small font?

Natalie Morrissey

Thank you so much for your article and tip.

Adriana L Restrepo

I tried this with oracle permanent… I didn’t know it needed to cure for at least 48 hours and it came right off in the dishwasher!
Thanks for your article and tip


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