Design #2: Candy Corn! Trick or Treat Double Sided Halloween Sign

Design #2: Candy Corn! Trick or Treat Double Sided Halloween Sign

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Candy corn is a iconic symbol of Halloween.  The orange, yellow and white- there is no mistaking them.

trick or treat(1)I have a love/hate relationship with candy corn.  A few is fine, but a few handfuls and you’ll be green in the gills.  And who can just eat a few??

I designed this candy corn file to be used on all your Halloween projects.  Let me teach you how to use this file and how to layer vinyl as well! 

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When you open the file, you will see this:

candy_corn_fileThe candy corn on the far left serves to show you how the final layered design will look.  To the right of this are all of the pieces.  Notice that each piece has a set of squares on either side of it.  These squares are grouped with the pieces and will help you in layering, so don’t delete them!

I decided to make a double sided Halloween sign.  One side says Trick or Treat and the other side says we ran out of candy (because sometimes that happens).

To make this sign, I painted a piece of wood black.  Easy enough.

Next, I measured the piece of wood and drew a box the same size in my Silhouette studio software.  I used the fill tool to color the box black and then decided how big to make the candy corn and words from there:

candy corn project(1)

I am a really visual person so this helps me make sure that the files I make will look right on the final project.  This is also a great way to create a “mock up” for a client that you are designing a project for.

I had to resize the candy corn pieces to make them larger for the sign.  To resize, click and drag a box around all three pieces at once.  Next, drag  one of the outer corner squares of the box and move it until your pieces get as large as you need them to be:

cc project

It’s important to resize everything all at once like this since they will be layered on top of each other, you want to make sure they all stay the same size respectively.

Next, you can cut the different colors on the right colored vinyl.  For my project, I needed three candy corn, so copied the design three times and cut each color.  Once all the colors were cut, I cut the backing sheets down slightly and stuck everything to my cutting mat.  This will help keep the pieces in place when I start layering (as the vinyl sometimes wants to curl making it harder to align pieces):


I started layering by using a strip of transfer paper and picking up all the white tips:

candy corn layers

I picked up all the pieces, including the little white boxes on either side of each piece.  Next I moved the bottom part to the middle of the candy corn.  Here is where the boxes are helpful: align the white boxes with the orange boxes.  The way the file is designed, this should get your white parts exactly where you want them on the orange:

candy corn layer 1

If you are a smidge off, don’t worry.  Just roll right along and add the tops, no one will notice.  Now you’ll want to align the yellow squares with the white squares:


Once they are all aligned, I removed the transfer paper and added the candy corn to my sign:

trick or treat(1)


I wanted to make this a double sided sign so I added some words to the back of the sign with a skull (it is Halloween, after all):


we ran out candy

As a quick bonus project, I added some vinyl to a piece of drift wood featuring the candy corn too:


I hope you enjoyed these spooky fun projects and learned a thing or two about how to align vinyl!  If you were to start with your own layering project, you would layer the design (as it is on the far left) then draw two squares on each side of the design.  Next, click one of the layers and hold shift as you click each of the squares.  Next press Control C and then Control V (copy and paste) and then Control G.  This will group the pieces together.  Do this with each of the colors and you will end up with the file provided. This is much easier than trying to line up each piece by hand!


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