DIY Cardstock Money Cake with Cricut Maker 3

DIY How to make a Cardstock Money Cake with Cricut Maker 3 Machine

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 Are you looking for a unique and creative way to gift money for someone's birthday? Forget the traditional envelope and try making a DIY paper money holder cake! This delightful idea combines the joy of receiving money with the excitement of a birthday cake, making it a memorable and fun surprise for your loved one. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to create this charming money holder cake.

The gift of money is so nice so the receiver can buy what they want. But coming up with cute ways to give money can be hard. But this little Money Cake is so adorable and it really is cute to give money.

 It doesn't matter the year or the theme, sometimes a gift of money can make the celebration highlight.  Check out these other special days to remember. 

  1. First Birthday (1st): This is often a significant milestone as it marks a child's first year of life, celebrated with family and friends.

  2. Sweet Sixteen (16th): In many cultures, turning sixteen is a special event symbolizing the transition from childhood to young adulthood. It's often celebrated with parties and sometimes with the gift of a car.

  3. Eighteenth Birthday (18th): This birthday is particularly significant in many countries as it marks the legal age of adulthood. It's often celebrated with parties or other special events.

  4. Twenty-First Birthday (21st): Another milestone birthday, the twenty-first is significant because it marks the legal drinking age in many countries. It's often celebrated with parties and sometimes with trips or special experiences.

  5. Thirtieth Birthday (30th): The thirtieth birthday is seen as a milestone in adulthood, often celebrated with parties or special trips to mark the beginning of a new decade.

  6. Fortieth Birthday (40th): Turning forty can be a significant milestone representing maturity and experience. It's often celebrated with parties or reflective gatherings.

  7. Fiftieth Birthday (50th): Known as the "golden" birthday, turning fifty is often celebrated with elaborate parties and sometimes with travel or special gifts.

  8. Sixtieth Birthday (60th): Reaching sixty is often celebrated as a major milestone, sometimes with large gatherings of family and friends to honor the occasion.

  9. Seventy-Fifth Birthday (75th): This is another milestone often celebrated with family gatherings and parties to mark three-quarters of a century.

  10. One Hundredth Birthday (100th - Centennial): Reaching one hundred years old is a rare and remarkable achievement, often celebrated with extensive family gatherings, media attention, and recognition from local communities.


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Step 1: Design the Cake Layers

Start by cutting out circles of different sizes from the cardstock to create the layers of your paper cake. You can use a ruler to measure and draw the circles before cutting them out. Make sure to cut smaller circles for the top layers and larger circles for the bottom layers to mimic a real cake.

Step 2: Create the Money Holders

Next, cut rectangular strips of cardstock that are slightly longer than your banknotes and wide enough to fold in half. These strips will serve as the pockets to hold the money. Fold each strip in half lengthwise and secure the sides with glue or double-sided tape, leaving the top open for inserting the banknotes.

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Step 3: Assemble the Cake Layers

Now, it's time to assemble your paper cake! Stack the circular layers on top of each other, alternating sizes to create a tiered effect. Before placing each layer, attach the money holders to the center using glue or tape. Make sure the open ends of the money holders are facing outward for easy access to the money.

Step 4: Decorate Your Money Holder Cake

Get creative with decorating your paper cake! You can use additional cardstock to create faux frosting or icing on the edges of each layer. Add colorful ribbons, sequins, or other embellishments to make the cake look festive and celebratory. Consider adding a paper "Happy Birthday" banner or other decorative elements to personalize the design.

Step 5: Fill the Cake with Money

Once your paper cake is decorated to your liking, carefully insert the banknotes into the open pockets of the money holders. You can fold the banknotes accordion-style for a neat fit inside the pockets. Fill each layer with money, starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top layer.

Step 6: Present Your Money Holder Cake

Your DIY paper money holder cake is now ready to surprise and delight the birthday recipient! Place it on a decorative plate or cake stand for presentation. When it's time to unveil the gift, encourage the recipient to "slice" into the cake layers to reveal the hidden money inside. Watch their joy and excitement as they discover this creative and thoughtful birthday surprise!

You could change the top design to fit any occasion! 


*Birthdays are good for your health. Studies show that people who have more birthdays live the longest.





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