DIY Step stool using Cricut Vinyl

DIY Step stool using Cricut Vinyl

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Welcome to our creative corner, where we embark on an exciting crafting journey that combines the timeless charm of painting with the cutting-edge wizardry of Cricut Maker! If you're a parent who loves to add a personal touch to your child's belongings, you're in for a treat. Today, we're diving into the world of DIY home décor as we transform a simple step stool into a delightful masterpiece that your little one will cherish.

My daughters dad made her a really neat wooden step stool so she could reach the sink in the bathroom. I decided to paint it and use my Cricut Maker to make it special!


- Step stool of your choice 

- Paint of your choice

- Cricut machine 

- Cricut removable or permanent vinyl

- Cricut weeding tools  

I started by painting the stool it's best to recruit a helper if you've got one :) 



Here it is fully painted, after two coats 


I was very impatient so I immediately started putting vinyl on it. I knew I wanted her name on it so I started with that. I measured the top and created it in Design Space that size. 

I didn't really have a specific plan for the rest of it so I went on Design Space and let her choose some of what went on her stool. She really liked this fairy. 

 I initially used transfer tape to get her on the stool but quickly realized that pulled up some of the paint. 

I went without the transfer tape from then on out. 

I added some cute stars after that, the welding tool is my favorite. 

Weld your design together so it makes one cut instead of many different cuts 

Here is how that side turned out. My daughter was in love with it. 


I love to remind her how special she is to me so even though she can't read yet. Once she can she will know what this says and that I have always thought these things about her. 

I added some hearts to the front and viola! All done 


This was a very simple project to make and it turned out lovely. I use my Cricut almost exclusively to bond with my two daughters. They call it the sticker machine. My three year old uses this stool every day and constantly tells me how much she loves it because she got to help make it. This is your sign to create something special with a loved one. 



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