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Easter Egg Placemats: Decoupage Scrapbook Paper on Canvas for Your Easter Table

Easter Egg Placemats: Decoupage Scrapbook Paper on Canvas for Your Easter Table

easter egg placemats

These paper and canvas placemats work up quickly and are easy to customize for your Easter table.  Best of all, they wipe clean with a damp rag thanks to a polyurethane finish.



Gessoed canvas material
Scrapbook papers,  12×12 inch
Washi tape
Gel medium or decoupage glue
Old gift card
Polyurethane varnish


Apply a coat of gesso to the canvas or use pre-gessoed canvas.  Rough cut a piece of canvas about 15×20 inches for each placemat.

Choose a variety of scrapbook papers and paper tapes to use for your placemats.  You can create 4 placemats from 8 sheets of 12×12 inch paper.

select papers and tapes


Cut the papers into 12-inch strips of varying widths, from about 1.5 to 3 inches.  A paper trimmer is a handy tool to complete this step, but you can also use scissors.

cut strips


Determine how you’d like to organize the strips across your placemat. When you’re happy with the arrangement, set the strips aside in order so you can easily recreate the design when you are gluing.

arrange strips


Glue each strip to the canvas using the following technique.  Brush a layer of medium or decoupage glue over the canvas beneath each strip.

brush glue under strip


Lay a paper strip on the wet glue and smooth it in place with your hand.  Brush more glue on top of the strip.

brush glue on strip


Use an old gift card or similar tool to press the strip firmly to the canvas and remove excess medium.  As long as the medium is wet on top of the strip, you can also use a damp finger to press the paper well to the canvas.

press strip to canvas


Butt consecutive strips and tapes edge to edge as neatly as possible to cover the canvas completely. When all the strips are glued in place, allow the paper and canvas to dry.

glued strips


Create an egg-shaped pattern approximately 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall from scrap paper and cut from each canvas.  Apply a coat of water-based polyurethane varnish to the front and back of each placemat for durability.


Thanks for stopping by! Lee Ann

Lee Ann is a mixed media hobbyist who enjoys using her Cricut machine for art projects as well as decorations for her home and garden. She's a new empty-nester with 2 adult daughters. Now she and her husband are free to embark on that US pizza eating tour they always talked about. Lee Ann provides IT support to Craft-e-Corner.

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