Easter Sign with the Cricut Joy and Smart Vinyl

Easter Sign with the Cricut Joy and Smart Vinyl

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I found this long vertical bunny sign at the Dollar Store and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I used my Joy and Smart Vinyl to quickly make this adorable welcome sign for Easter.



Smart Vinyl-I used this bundle Here
Transfer Tape
Vertical Bunny Sign


Using a flexible tape measure, I measured the area on the sign that I wanted the design to be placed.


I inserted a rectangle on to my canvas in Design Space the size that I just measured of the sign.


I created my design to fit within that rectangle. I changed each part of the design to different colors so that the Cricut would cut out the colors according to what vinyl colors I had.


Next, I clicked Make It. The next screen asks how I will be cutting the vinyl. Because I am using Smart Vinyl, I clicked on Without a Mat.


I then selected Smart Vinyl-Permanent for the material type.

This bundle was the perfect colors for this Easter sign.


Then I loaded and cut each color.


After each one was cut I weeded each color.


I then cut the letters to the WELCOME part apart and arranged them onto the ‘every bunny’ backing.


I cut a piece of Transfer Tape the length of the design and placed it down over the top. Using a scraper, I burnished it down well on the front and back.


Carefully, I removed the backing of the big piece and all the little letter pieces as well.


I flipped and placed the Transfer Tape with the design on it to the sign. Again I burnished well.


I removed the Transfer Tape.


And that’s it! I thought it turned out super cute for a Dollar Store find!


*Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life."



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