Easy 6 Step Pledge Glitter Ornaments

Easy 6 Step Pledge Glitter Ornaments

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6 step ornaments

We posted this tutorial last year and it was so widely popular that we just had to bring it back this holiday season!  Read on to see how to make your own sparkly ornaments in 6 easy steps. Plus see how my ornaments from last year held up after a year in storage and check out some ideas to take your ornaments to the next level!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Pledge Floor Care Wood Floor Finish (It may be BLUE or YELLOW, just make sure it’s wood floor FINISH and not cleaner.)
  • Clear ornaments (Glass or plastic ornaments both work- you can even use different shaped ones.)
  • Glitter (Fine works best.)
  • Funnel (A piece of paper rolled into a cone shape works well.)

Step 2

Remove the ornament cap and squirt about a tablespoon of the Pledge into the ornament. Swirl the Pledge around and make sure you get a good even coat over the entire inside of the ornament.  Pour any excess Pledge back into the bottle (or discard).

Step 3

Insert your funnel into the top of your ornament and pour in glitter of your choice.  I have found that fine glitter works best.  You will need a few tablespoons and you can always add more if necessary.

Step 4

Coat the inside of your ornament with the glitter.  I found turning the ornament around helped to ensure good coverage, but you can shake the ornament too. Just make sure to cover the top of the ornament with a towel and your thumb so you don’t cause a glitter explosion!

Step 5

Pour the excess glitter back into the container. Tap the sides of the ornament a little to get any loose glitter out.  You don’t want to leave a clump of unstuck glitter in the bottom of your ornament. 

Step 6

Pop the top back on your ornament!  That’s all it takes!

glitter ornaments

I created sets of these last year as gifts for friends and family and everyone loved them! I saved some for myself (of course) and they were so sparkly on our Christmas tree. They really were so easy and FUN to make that I must resist the urge to make more this year! I pulled my box of ornaments out yesterday to see how these beauties survived being stored over the summer, and they are still just as glittery as they were last year!  The Pledge dries on the inside and your glitter is stuck tight- no worries that it will not last. These will stay glittery year after year. 

glitter ornaments

Want to take your ornaments to the next level (as if they weren’t beautiful enough on their own!)? You can monogram or personalize your ornament with Cricut Premium Permanent Vinyl. Nothing makes a gift more special than having it personalized and it’s so easy to do!  Just cut any letter out and stick it right to the outside of your ornament.  With the glitter on the inside, you don’t have to worry about the vinyl sticking properly!  

You can also use paint to make a cute snowman, like I did with one of my ornaments from last year.  With just a few dots of paint – the possibilities are endless!

snowman ornament

I hope you will give this project a try if you didn't try it out last year when we first brought it to you! It really is fun, easy and FAST. I created two dozen ornaments in under and hour and they look so high end, people will never know how simple (and really inexpensive) they are to make!

Happy Crafting! - Kala



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Any alternatives to the Pledge? It’s not available in my area.


Hello, I have a question. Is the pledge floor gloss the same as the pledge floor finish? I can’t seem to find pledge finish anywhere….

Chelsea Buvia

How should you set these to dry, so that you don’t get a pool of liquid?


I’m doing this on lightbulb shaped ornaments. I let it sit upside down for about 30 minutes to let it dry but I get a pool of liquid that slides down the side when turned upside down and clumps my glitter. Any advice? Should I not let them dry?


I am looking for round brown glass balls to make gingerbread faces on. Has anyone seen them? I can usually find them at Hobby Lobby Craft but the "cashmire’ ones they have are not dark enough. Any ideas?


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