Cricut Vinyl Project Earbuds Case

Cricut Vinyl Project - Earbuds Case

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You can easily spruce up pretty much any household item with Cricut vinyl. I decided to personalize this earbuds case for my daughter by adding her first initial and some unicorn silhouettes. It was super easy to do and added a fun little touch!

Materials Needed:
• Cricut Permanent Premium Vinyl
Cricut Transfer Tape
• Cricut Die Cutting Machine
Cricut Standard Mat
• Cricut Tools


1. Make Your Design
Decide what you would like to make based the shape and size of your object. I decided to put my daughter's first initial on it in case she uses them at school along with some cute unicorns. 

2. Cut
Cut your design using the fine point blade. I used two different colors for the unicorns and set it up so I could cut both at the same time.

3. Weed

4. Transfer Design
Use Cricut transfer tape to place your design. I started with the "B" since it is the focal point of my design.

From there, I did one unicorn at a time using a small piece of transfer tape, spacing them out how I liked.

3. You are done!
This was such a simple project, but really made a plain earbuds case come to life. The possibilities with vinyl are endless!

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How do you set the machine to cut two colors at a time? Also adding a video would be great for beginners like me.


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