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Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Easy Fall Sign Using Cricut Pens and Autumn-Theme Papers

Easy Fall Sign Using Cricut Pens and Autumn-Theme Papers

Use Cricut pens and fall-themed papers to create this charming autumn sign – fast. Get the look of a hand drawn illustration without the work by selecting a pre-made design from Cricut Access.

 completed fall sign


Square wood frame or sign, your choice of size
Acrylic paint, black or color of your choice
Assorted fall-colored scrapbook papers or cardstock, plus black and white
Cricut machine with black pen
Spray adhesive



Paint the edge of the frame using black acrylic paint or another color of your choice.

paint edge of frame 

Measure the opening in the frame.  Take half the measurement and cut 4 squares of scrapbook paper or cardstock to that size.  For example, the opening in the sample frame is 10 inches, so each paper square should measure 5 x 5 inches.

measure opening in frame 

assortment of papers

Select a design from Cricut Design Space with a hand drawn seasonal appearance, like this one, #MD77B33A. Using your Cricut, draw the design on white cardstock using a black pen and cut it out in a rotated square (square diamond).  Cut an additional, slightly larger square from black cardstock.


 drawing with cricut pens

Extend the hand drawn appearance to the 4 squares of scrapbook paper by doodling around the main shapes in each design using the black pen.

Adhere the 4 squares of scrapbook paper to the back of the frame using spray adhesive or other adhesive of your choice. Layer the white square with the drawing on top of the larger black square and adhere both in the center of the frame.

completed fall sign project


Lee Ann is a mixed media hobbyist who enjoys using her Cricut machine for art projects as well as decorations for her home and garden. She's a new empty-nester with 2 adult daughters. Now she and her husband are free to embark on that US pizza eating tour they always talked about. Lee Ann provides IT support to Craft-e-Corner.

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