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Etched Glass - beginner project

Etched Glass - beginner project

While practicing my social distancing, I was able to tackle a project I wanted to try for some time now - etched glass.  I purchased some small glass containers a while back and have wanted to put a design on them to pretty them up.

I found a vine/leaf design I liked, and cut it onto Oracal 651 vinyl, which was a great way to use up some scraps I had lying around.

Using the negative piece of the design, I applied it to my clean, fingerprint and oil free bowl. 

Be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses when using etching cream.  Read all the safety warnings, how-to's, and tips that you can before you get going!  I used this small yellow dabbing brush I had lying around, but you're better off using an actual paintbrush or foam brush - this wasn't as easy to use!

From the directions I read, it was no more than 5 minutes that the etching product should be on, and I adhered to that and was pleased with the results.  Rinse off the cream (GLOVES STILL ON!) under lukewarm water, and dry.

This is a great way to spruce up or personalized your dishes, or create a sweet birthday, housewarming, or wedding gift for someone.  Have patience, wipe down your product thoroughly, and enjoy your end result.

-Jolene H.


**Bonus points to whoever noticed my blue and black vinyl used - I got hasty with the second blue outline, and ripped it right in half!**

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