How to Get Organized with Cricut Smart Label

How to Get Organized with Cricut Smart Label

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Cricut Smart Label

It's that time of the year to get organized and declutter! What better time is there to create labels for your kitchen, storage bins, and/or craft room? This was my first time using the Cricut Smart Label and I couldn't believe how incredibly easy it was!



Cricut Smart Label Transparent

Cricut Black Pens

Cricut Scissors

Cricut Scraper


Step 1:

Create your labels in Design Space by selecting the type of font and size you want the label to be. I went for a simple look and didn't add any shapes or images to the design. The writing font I chose was DTC Cottage Style and I unlocked the height to be 2" for each label. 

Cricut Smart Label

Cricut Smart Label

Step 2: 

Select "Make It" and make sure your Pen is down in Clamp A of your machine. The machine will write the labels. 

Cricut Smart Label

Step 3:

Cut each label out and cut to any size you prefer. I wanted to try it out so I didn't have a specific preference, but in the future, I will cut closer to each letter so the material doesn't show through as much. 

Cricut Smart Label

Step 4:


All you have to do is peel the backing from your design and use the Cricut Scraper if needed! Using Transfer Tape will wreck the label and design you've created.

Cricut Smart Label

Cricut Smart LabelCricut Smart Label

Cricut Smart Label

I still can't get over how easy this project was! Smart Label saves the time of weeding and then transferring vinyl to create labels as an option for organizing! 


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