Grinch Christmas Welcome-ish Party Door Sign Using Cricut Vinyl

Grinch Christmas Welcome-ish Party Door Sign Using Cricut Vinyl

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grinch welcome ish sign

Welcome your guests with a touch of Grinch-inspired charm by creating a whimsical 'Welcome-ish' sign for your door using Cricut vinyl! In this DIY guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of designing and crafting a delightful sign that captures the mischievous spirit of everyone's favorite holiday character. Pair the sign with a cute, themed door mat for an enchanting entryway that is sure to bring smiles to your neighbors and visitors alike.


  • Cricut glossy permanent vinyl in red, green, white and black
  • Wood craft round (the one I'm using is about 12 inches in diameter)
  • Scrapbook or cardstock paper 12x12 inches
  • Transfer tape
  • Hanger (like a jewelry bail) annd contact adhesive

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Step One: Cut Design

Create the design in Cricut Design Space. I am using the "Grinchie" smile and hat from this free svg generously shared by as well as the text from Cricut Access design Welcome-ish #M4122BFEC. Add a cricle to the Canvas the same size as your wood round so you can size the cut design appropriately. The circle is primarily a design aid; if it is larger than what may be accommodated by your Cricut cutting machine, it does not need to be cut. cut design

When you are happy with the size and organization of your design, make a copy, weld the copy, and slice the copy from another blank circle. This creates a template that you can cut from cardstock or scrapbook paper to help you line up the cut vinyl pieces when transferring them to the sign. (Read more about using a paper template to help align vinyl designs in our post, Line Up Vinyl Using a Paper Template: Easter Wreath.)


Make the project, cutting the sign elements from permanent vinyl and the template from scrapbook paper or cardstock. Use your favorite weeder tool to weed the vinyl.

make the project

Step 2: Assemble Sign

Cover the wood round with green vinyl. If your round is 11.5 inches or less, allowing you to cut it with your Cricut machine, then you can simply transfer a cut circle of green vinyl to your base. Otherwise, apply the green vinyl from the roll, butting the edges of 2 sheets if the size of the round exceeds the wdith of the roll. Trim the excess vinyl from the round using a pair of scissors.

Lay your template on the green base to guide where to transfer the cut pieces. You can use transfer tape to help move the vinyl to the project, or place the simpler shapes using only your hands.

use the template

Finish the edges of the wood round with a bit of craft paint, trim, or leave it natural. Attach a jewelry bail (or two!) to the back using contact adhesive and enjoy!

glue hanger to back

As you hang your Grinch-inspired 'Welcome-ish' sign adorned with its mischievous smile and festive hat, and pair it with a delightful Grinch-themed floor mat, you're not just decorating your door; you're creating a warm and whimsical atmosphere for all who enter. As your guests approach, let the Grinch welcome them with a grin, setting the perfect tone for a season filled with warmth, laughter, and shared merriment. Happy crafting and happy holidays!

grinch welcomish sign

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