Halloween Door Hangers Using Cricut Pens on Fabric

Halloween Door Hangers Using Cricut Pens on Fabric

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completed ornaments

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween craft project, these monster door hangers might be just the thing you need! Created with the help of a Cricut pen and some simple sewing techniques, these door hangers are made from a mix of white muslin, organza, and back fabric, and are stuffed with fiberfill for a fun and textured look. The project relies on some monster designs that are available through Cricut Access, so you can get started with ease. Simply iron your fabric onto some freezer paper, draw your designs with the Cricut pen, and stitch everything together for a spooky decoration that you can hang up anywhere! 


  • White muslin or other light to medium weight fabric
  • Organza, white or your choice
  • Back fabric, your choice of color
  • Batting or white felt
  • Google eyes
  • Freezer paper
  • Embroidery floss and sewing supplies
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Boa or other trim, about 12 inches (optional)
  • White glue
  • Ribbon or cord for hanger, about 12 inches
  • Cricut pen, black or your choice

Each ornament requires a 7-8 inch square of each of the fabric supplies – white fabric, organza, back fabric, and batting – per ornament.


Create your design in Design Space using monster images suitable for drawing from Cricut Access.  Add a 5-6 inch circle around each design and attach.

design space

Use an iron to adhere your fabric to the shiny side of ordinary freezer paper.  The freezer paper will provide support while your Cricut is drawing on the fabric, but can be readily removed after drawing without changing the hand of the fabric. 

muslin ironed on to freezer paper

Cut the paper-backed fabric to fit the machine’s cutting mat. If you’d like, use a small scrap that you trimmed away or an outside edge of the fabric to test the available pens for contrast and bleeding. I found both the standard black Cricut pens and dark colored gel pens did not bleed significantly and showed up well on my fabric, but you may like to make your own tests using the exact fabric you’ve selected for your project. 

test pens on fabric

Draw the image on the fabric using the pen or pens you selected. 

draw with pens on fabric

completed drawings on mat

Remove the fabric from the cutting mat and separate the fabric from the freezer paper. 

peel away freezer paper

Cut the fabric designs apart. Do not cut on the lines, you only want to separate each monster from the others for sewing.

Layer the monster fabric on top of a piece of batting (or white felt) and whatever fabric you’ve selected for the back of the ornament.  If the backing fabric has a visible right side and wrong side, place the right down at the bottom of the fabric stack.  Layer a piece of organza on top of the monster fabric for a bit of shimmer and shine, and pin all the layers together.

Glue a googly eye on top of the drawn eye(s) and allow to dry.

Using embroidery floss and needle, stitch through all the layers along the circle drawn around the monster.  You can use a basic outline stitch or any other embroidery stitch that you prefer. 

pin and stitch

Stop 2 inches short of stitching completely around the circle so that you have an opening through with to insert stuffing. Lightly stuff the ornament using fiberfill.

lightly stuff

Finish stitching on the line and tie off the floss.  Use a sharp pair of scissors to trim away the excess fabric about ½ inch from the stitching line. 

trim excess fabric

trimmed ornament

If you’d like, glue some boa trim or other trim to the back side of the ornament on top of the stitching line. 

glue trim to back

Use a bit of embroidery floss to tack a ribbon or cord for hanging to the top of the ornament. 

kids with finished ornaments

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