Holiday DIY: A Forty Cent Snowman Ornament… Literally!

Holiday DIY: A Forty Cent Snowman Ornament… Literally!

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Hello everyone! I cannot believe it is December already! That means it’s time to get up those Christmas trees and hang ornaments. Speaking of ornaments…here’s a short tutorial on how to made an adorable handmade $0.40 snowman! (Literally)
Yep, I was not kidding. The body of the snowman is made with a quarter, nickle & dime!
 First, add a little bit of glue to your coin and start wrapping it with white or cream yarn. As you wrap you might need to add a dab of glue here and there to hold the yarn in place. I used a low temp hot glue gun for this step.
After each coin is fully wrapped hot glue the three together to create the snowman’s body. TIP: Hold the coins tight together until the glue dries for a sturdy hold.
Next, take a pliable wire and, using a pencil as a guide, wrap the wire around the pencil multiple times to create the ‘top’ of the snowman’s hat. Continue wrapping the wire but switch out the pencil for a thicker marker to create the base of the hat.
You can keep the hat whatever color wire you are using, or in this case, I spray painted the wire with a flat black spray paint.
I then hot glued the hat onto the top of my snowman and added three Pewter brad heads (I snipped the backings off) for buttons. Lastly I added a yarn loop for hanging and cute little burlap scarf!
All in all it was a very simple project and turned out great. The ornament has some weight to it since it’s made with the coins but is very sturdy and will look great on the tree!
What do YOU think of this snowman ornament? Like it? Love it? Not your cup of tea? Comment below and share your thoughts!
Coins (Quarter, Nickle & Dime)


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I absolutely LOVE this cute & easy Christmas Ornament. It would also be a cute present topper. They could use it on next year’s Christmas Tree.
Thank you for sharing!

Tracy Shepherd

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