Hot Glue Gun Plate with Strips of Cricut Vinyl

Hot Glue Gun Plate with Strips of Cricut Vinyl

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I have always wanted to try taking strips of vinyl and see what would happen when trying to cut it with one image. I never really had a good excuse to do it till I found this glass cutting board. I thought it would be perfect for my hot glue gun to sit on while it is hot. When I found the image of the hot glue gun in Design Space I knew it was meant to be!



        Cricut tools
        Standard Grip Mat
        Permanent vinyl
        Transfer Tape
        Paper Cutter
        Small Cutting Board


I started with measuring the cutting board.


I made a square in Design Space that was the same size and placed my design inside that square. Keep in mind the placements of the little knobs/feet that the cutting board rests on.


Then, I grabbed some vinyl scraps that I had from a different project.

I cut them into half an inch strips.


Carefully, I placed them right up against each other on my standard grip mat. I made sure that the vinyl was really pressed down hard. I didn’t want the stirps to move around.


Then I cut the design with my Cricut. I am placing my image on the underside of a glass cutting board so I mirrored my image.


Taking my time I sat and weeded each strip. I kept it all on the mat to weed.


I then cut a piece of transfer tape that was the size of my image. And laid it over the image.


Using a scraper I burnished it really well.


I flipped the mat over and carefully took the entire thing off the mat.


Then, I removed the backing of each strip.


With the Transfer Tape I placed the image on the underside of the cutting board.


After pressing down really hard and using my scraper again to burnish I took the Transfer Tape off.



Then I flipped it over and had an awesome little plate for my hot glue gun to sit on.


It worked perfectly! I love it. And the strips of different colors make it so unique.


*The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


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It is so awesome & what a creative idea! I love it & am going to steal your idea.


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