Get Organized Pinspired With This Cork Board DIY

Get Organized Pinspired With This Cork Board DIY

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This weekend I was on Pinterest (of course) and as I am pinning away I stopped to think…How many of these inspiring ‘pins’ do I actually make use of?
The cold hard truth, NOT MANY!
I do ‘pin’ and print out the occasional recipe (which I usually fail miserably, cooking is not my craft…) so I got to thinking, why not print out my craft pins? As a crafter I have always been a visual person…
Some of you may be thinking, egh, I can just take my super cool iPad or Tablet or smart phone in my craft room with me. (Do you sense the bitterness yet? I sadly have a phone that is stuck in the 90’s and my lack of high tech gadgets is as bad as my cooking…but I will be the first to admit, I am just jealous!)
Well, there are a few things you cannot do on your gadgets, like actually pinning samples of fabric, ribbon or embellishments on it…and making fun doodles and notes! Although…now that I get to thinking maybe I should just create an APP that lets you do all this? Maybe then I would have the money to actually buy my own tablet!
Sorry, where were we? Oh yes! Making a super inspiring and fun real live Pinterest board…
First I selected about 5 pins all with different ideas that I liked and wanted to attempt. In my case they all were ‘card’ or paper crafting related. I printed them on regular ol’ computer paper and cut them out, leaving white space around them for doodling.
Next I used part of my scrap white paper and make a checklist of the ideas and organized my goals and accomplishments of these pins.
I then started destroying my craft room looking for different papers, ribbons and other supplies that inspired me and wanted to incorporate onto my board. One of my favorite were some of the patterns and colors in the Target baby coupon book I just received in the mail. I LOVED this yellow polka dot dress, so much, that I cut it out and added it to my board!
I spy with my little eye some fabulous May Arts Chevron Ribbon and yellow polka dots…
Now that you’ve got it all layed out, get pinning!


Then I started brainstorming and made some fun little doodles of my thoughts…
When doodling, ask yourself the following:
What do I want to accomplish?
What do I like?
What do I want to avoid?
What products do I have that would work great for this?



I know that this idea might not be for everyone, but if your anything like me SEEING is DOING! I actually had a ton of fun putting this together, and believe it or not ,by the time I was finished, I was so excited to start my card! All of the ideas were fresh in my mind and organized!
So next time your in your craft room and you are ‘stuck’ which, admit it, happens! When you just can’t get into the creative mode or need that extra something…
Thanks for stopping and PLEASE feel free to leave comments..
I’d love to hear your thoughts!
…and come follow Craft-e-Corner on Pinterest!
-Happy Crafting-


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