Making Multiple {Mini Love Notes} Cricut Auto Fill How-To

Making Multiple {Mini Love Notes} Cricut Auto Fill How-To

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Mini Love Notes- Part II
Here is a quick tutorial of how to use auto-fill to make multiple of these little love notes in no time!
 If you missed yesterdays post and details on my first love note, check it out HERE.

So using my Cricut Expression 2 Machine, Kraft Cardstock (8.5″x11″), and the Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridge, I cut out 10 of these little letters at once!


 Using the settings on my machine I first set the paper size to 8.5″x11. This way my machine ‘knows’ exactly how much cutting space I am working with. Next choose your image (just one) and make it    whatever size you choose.Then hit the auto-fill button and your machine will automatically fill in the cutting area with as many of the shapes as possible. In this case I could fit 8!
Here is an awesome video by our friend Megan Elizabeth showing how easy it is to use the auto-fill feature on the Cricut Expression 2 Machine!
Click on the Image below to watch video.
After the machine finished cutting using an Xacto Knife I finished cutting out off of the hearts to make a heart punch out. (See Love Letter – Part I for details)
Using some of the all NEW, ever so bright and cheery, papers from the all New (not yet released) DoodleBug Flower Box Line, I cut out 8 small squares.
To make sure all the colors and papers looked good together I first layed them all out on my Scrap’n Easel.



love using my Scrap’n Easel to organize my crafting thoughts and ideas…
If your anything like me you change your mind a million and one times before project is complete! With the Scrap’n Easel, you just use magnets to lay everything out to your liking and then adhere everything.


Using the auto-fill feature once more on my Cricut Expression 2 Machine, I cut out 8 white cardstock ‘shadows’ of the letter image, just slightly bigger in size than the original image.
*An image ‘shadow’ is the same image but with no details, just the solid outline of the image*
 Then I took my White Gel Pen and added a little fun flair to all of the envelopes.
A little white stitching here…a little fun burst there…
I left the back side of these little notes blank. A perfect spot to jot a cute note to your loved one and leave them in fun hiding places.
I asked our Facebook followers..where would YOU leave a little love note?
So far we’ve got
-inside a labtop (good one)
-in a wallett
Where would YOU leave a little love note???


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