Fun Designs, Mask Buckets, and Ribbon Lanyard Using Cricut

Fun Mask Designs, Mask Buckets, and Ribbon Lanyard Using Cricut

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This is by far the weirdest year I’ve ever experienced. It has truly turned our world upside down. I never thought I would have to wear a mask everyday. Unfortunately, here we are and I was finding masks all over the house and I had no idea if they were clean or dirty. So I thought about creating a way to store all of our masks in one spot!

I also had a few plain masks that I wanted to spruce up a bit. My daughter obviously wanted a "kitty cat" one. And I could not resist with my 2020 mask!

Bonus: ribbon lanyard how-to. Last winter my son lost a mitten about every other day so I assumed him heading to school this year, his masks would be no different. I created a snap ribbon lanyard so that he would just keep his mask around his neck at all times when not on his face.


Lets start with the Masks!



Plain masks
Cricut Iron-on Vinyl
Cricut Machine
Standard Grip Mat
Easy Press Mini

 Super simple!

Just find the design you want or create it in Design Space. Have your Cricut machine cut it out (do not forget to mirror your image with iron-on vinyl). Weed the design and iron on your mask.

Easy peasy and really gives your mask a whole lot of fun!


Tip: For my daughter’s masks I had to cut the design down the middle to iron each side separately.


Dirty/Clean Mask Storage Buckets


2 buckets
Premium Vinyl
Cricut Machine
Standard Grip Mat
Transfer Tape


I started with these two grey buckets from Walmart.

I went into Design Space and searched images for a mask. There are a lot but I chose the one that was plain and more straight on. I inserted it onto my canvas.

I measured my bucket to see how big I wanted the mask to be on it.

I made my image that size and then duplicated it so I had two masks on my canvas.

I then hit text and typed Clean and found the font I liked. I placed it onto one of the masks and centered it where I wanted it. I selected the mask and the text and hit slice. I then hid all the slice results I do not want. So all I had left was a mask with the word clean cut out of it. I repeated the process for the Dirty one.


I put my permanent vinyl face up on my mat, inserted it into my cricut, and hit cut. After it was done, I weeded both images. I used transfer tape to transfer the design onto both bins. All that was left was to find all the masks laying around the house and put them in the correct bin.



Ribbon Mask Lanyard



Ribbon (about an inch in thickness)
Snap Setter


I needed to figure out how long I thought the lanyard should be. I just grabbed my measuring tape and played around with it on my son to see how long would be good. We decided that 20 inches seems like a good length for him (he’s almost 8 years old for reference).

I cut my ribbon 20 inches long. To stop the ends of the ribbon from fraying I burn the end with a lighter. I quickly, so that it doesn’t catch on fire, just pass the lighter flame across the end of the ribbon.

I then use my snap setter to put a set of snaps on each side.

Now it is ready to hold my son’s mask so he will hopefully not lose it. Fingers crossed!


What could you put on your masks? What more can we say... 2020


*Eat. Sleep. Craft. Repeat.


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