Fabric Baby Blocks Using Cricut Iron-On

Fabric Baby Blocks Using Cricut Iron-On

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blocks top view

Looking for a handmade gift for a baby shower or a newborn? Check out these fabric blocks, perfect for young babies. Using high-contrast black iron-on vinyl on white fabric, these blocks are sure to capture a baby's attention and stimulate their developing vision. This project is beginner-friendly and can easily be completed with a Cricut cutting machine. Simply create the faces design in Cricut Design Space, cut the vinyl, weed the excess material, and apply to the fabric squares using an iron. Sew the squares together to create the blocks, stuff with fiberfill, and hand stitch closed. These blocks are not only fun and educational for babies, but also a thoughtful and unique gift for new parents.


  • Fabric, white
  • Batting
  • Iron-on, black
  • Fiberfill
  • Hand and machine sewing supplies


Cut six squares measuring 4 inch x 4 inch from white fabric for each fabric block. Also cut six 4x4 inch squares from batting.

Create a faces designs in Cricut Design Space and size the faces to 2.5 inch square. I used the following designs included with Cricut Access:

faces designs 1

faces designs 2

faces designs 3

cut design faces blocks

Make the project, cutting the faces from black iron-on. Weed the iron-on to remove excess iron-on material. Apply each face to a fabric square following the manufacturer’s instructions for iron-on. Layer the fabric on a square of batting.

iron faces onto fabric

Stitch the top square to the 4 side pieces as shown in the image below using ¼ inch seams. Start and end your stitching ¼ inch from the edge of the fabric.

stitch sides to top 

Stitch the sides of the blocks using ¼ inch seams. Start your stitching from the open end of the block - ¼ inch from the edge of the fabric - but end the stitching at the edge of the fabric.

stitch sides

Stitch the bottom fabric square to the open end of the block using ¼ inch seams. Again, start and end your stitching ¼ inch from the edge of the fabric, until stitching the final side of the square. On this final side, stitch only near the ends of the side, leaving an opening in the center of the side for turning the fabric.

leave opening to turn blocks

Turn the block right side out through the opening. Lightly stuff the block using fiberfill.

lightly stuff

Hand stitch the opening closed.

stitch opening closed

finished baby blocks

completed stacked block

baby blocks

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