Pencil Holder using Cricut Vinyl Stencil

Pencil Holder using Cricut Vinyl as a Stencil

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Teacher appreciation is this week (May 3-7) and teachers this year deserve all the appreciation in the world. The teachers that have been with my son have been fabulous! This year could not have been easy. They have had to deal with keeping masks on the kids, keeping the kids away from each other, and constantly cleaning all while still teaching our children. I give them so much credit. Even when my son was home for 2 weeks because I had Covid, his teacher was fantastic at getting his stuff packed up together so someone could go pick it up. She also made sure that everyday he was able to zoom into his classroom on his iPad. It was fantastic that he could still be involved in his classroom learning.


This was another gift that I will be gifting this year to one of my son’s teachers. I think it turned out pretty cute!


2x4 about 1 foot long
Paint (pink, grey or silver, yellow, black
Mod Podge
Paint brushes
Painters tape
Cricut tools


My husband helped me with making it look like a pencil. He used a 2x4 it was about 1 foot long.


He drilled holes in the top (they were a little crooked and now he is asking for a drill press because of it lol). He also sanded it down really well for me.


I used painters tape to tape off the sections and painted the pink for the eraser. The grey for the metal part and the black for the tip. I used a zigzag image in Design space to help mark off the part by the tip and painted the rest of it yellow.


This is what it looked like when the painting was all done.


Then in design space I created a template of my pencil so that I knew how big I wanted to make my stencil and words. I created my design and then sliced it out of a rectangle shape.


I had my Cricut cut out the stencil and I weeded the letters.


Then I used transfer tape to place the stencil onto the wood. I used painters tape to tape off the areas that are close to the edge


I always do a coat of Mod Podge first. This helps get under the stencil to make sure that you get nice, crisp lines after the words are painted. Then when it is done I painted the stencil with black.


Here is the finished product. I love how easy making a stencil for a sign is with the Cricut and vinyl.


*The Future of the world is in the classroom today.- Ivan Welton Fitzwater


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